Chicago Spring Cleaning Tips for Kitchen Cleaning

In this guide, we will go through the important tips to handle everything about kitchen spring cleaning with ease and perfection.

Why Choose Chemical-Free House Cleaning Services in Chicago?

Fresh Tech Maid, a Chicago house cleaning company, employs a chemical-free cleaning approach to reduce environmental pollution and health risks associated with conventional cleaning products. This method leaves no residual chemicals, does not degrade indoor air quality, and is particularly beneficial for vulnerable individuals such as pregnant women, seniors, young children, and pets. By opting for chemical-free cleaning, we can minimize the release of toxic waste and promote a healthier living environment.

How to Book your Chicago Apartment Cleaning Online

Fresh Tech Maid's online booking feature is very convenient for apartment cleaning in Chicago. It takes about 3 minutes. This article elaborate step by step how to book a Chicago apartment cleaning online with Fresh Tech Maid.

Apartment Cleaning in Chicago: Cleaner, Healthier, and Safer Chemical Free Cleaning!

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Our Chicago apartment cleaning Check List

Check List for Fresh Tech Maid's Apartment Cleaning in Chicago. Fresh Tech Maid's Apartment Cleaning uses our landmark chemical-free cleaning method. Our apartment cleaning has 3 main areas of focus: kitchen, bathrooms, and common rooms and bedrooms.

The Ultimate guide To Disinfecting

Facilitate a Prosperous and Safe Environment with This Routine Keeping your environment clean and disinfected has never been more important than it is right now. Going through this pandemic together, we’ve learned a lot of lessons and new practices that maybe we weren’t aware of before. As a society, we’ve…

Go Chemical Free For Spring

There’s no time like the Spring time to give thanks to mother nature! Flowers are blooming, the weather is warm, the colors are beautiful and you can start to get outside again! What else is great about Spring? Spring is such a great time to properly clean your home,…

Organizing Your Home In The Spring

Spring time 2021 is on the horizon and it can be the perfect opportunity for some much needed organization around the house! As your favorite house cleaning experts, we want to offer you a few simple steps to utilize this Spring in order to achieve a relaxed and healthy space!…

Amber's Story

How Resilient Is Fresh Tech Maid? Fresh Tech Maid is the only home cleaning service in the Chicago area that requires all employees to undergo regular COVID-19 testing. Why? To protect you throughout this pandemic. As an organization that serves seniors, immunocompromised individuals and others who are at high risk…

Small Business Saturday 2020

In a time when big businesses are only getting bigger, and local businesses are struggling to keep their doors open, it’s more important than ever to support your favorite small businesses this year. There are many ways in which you can help small businesses for this year’s Small Business Saturday.