Fresh Tech Maid, a Chicago house cleaning service, utilizes a chemical-free cleaning methodology.


Each year in the United States, we dump six billion pounds of cleaning chemicals into our environment. This amounts to approximately twenty pounds of toxic chemicals per person.

Prior to World War II, U.S. homes were cleaned using mild and safe natural ingredients. However, post-WWII saw a proliferation of synthetic, often untested chemicals incorporated into complex cleaning products. Massive advertising investments quickly convinced consumers worldwide that these were the best products for home cleaning.

Today, the average U.S. home contains around 63 unsafe cleaning-related products incorporating hundreds of questionable chemicals. Many of these cleaning chemicals have been linked to lethal diseases, including immune system disorders, cancer, and asthma.

These products typically enter our waterways untreated, polluting streams and water sources. They can also enter our bodies and our pets' bodies by ingestion, inhalation, and skin absorption.

Using toxic chemicals for cleaning is particularly dangerous for pregnant women, senior citizens, young children, newborn babies, cancer survivors, individuals with severe allergies or asthma, and household pets.

While conventional "green" cleaning products contain safer chemicals that break down quickly in the environment, they still contain a range of chemical substances that can be inhaled or absorbed through the skin.

Chemical-free house cleaning leaves no residual chemicals on surfaces or in the air. It results in no carcinogenic or toxic effects, and does not degrade indoor air quality.

By choosing this chemical-free maid service in Chicago, we can reduce the billions of tons of chemical waste released into the environment, decrease cleaning-related health issues, and minimize the amount of dangerous chemicals absorbed into our bodies.

Therefore, chemical-free cleaning for Chicago house cleaning is the preferred method. It's cleaner, safer, and healthier for you, your pets, and the environment.