Spring time 2021 is on the horizon and it can be the perfect opportunity for some much needed organization around the house! As your favorite house cleaning experts, we want to offer you a few simple steps to utilize this Spring in order to achieve a relaxed and healthy space!

Find A Designated Space For EVERYTHING

Start with your cleaning supplies, maybe they live under the sink or in a closet - either way a baskets, bottles and shelves will make your products easiest to access for when you need them. For your personal items and belongings, Spring is great time to quickly sift through everything. Ask yourself, do I still need/ use this item, if you answer no, make like Marie Kondo, thank the item and get rid of it!

In Chicago, we know that finding a designated home for everything with so many of us living in apartment. This is a great opportunity to let some of your creativity shine. Make a small investment into some over the door systems, FreedomRails and hooks, this is going to make your life so much easier.

Converting Clutter To Clean

Once your major items have found their homes, it's time to start breaking your space down room by room.

Starting in the bathroom - Shared spaces like a bathroom can quickly become disorganized. If you're sharing a space with your significant other, allow each person to have their own section of the bathroom vanity. Creating a designated space for things like tooth brushes, razors and medicines will seriously help to de-clutter this environment.

Onto the kitchen - Relating to your cleaning products, the area under the sink can often times become disastrously unorganized, making it difficult to find anything in there. Drawer organizer like this one can be the perfect solution for separating your cleaning products from whatever else you store.

Having enough counter space is essential, especially if you love to cook. For Chicago apartments, having a magnetic strip for metal utensils is a perfect solution for saving some of this valuable counter space. Along with this, a hanging fruit basket makes excellent storage space for anything, not just fruits!

To the living room - Often times, this can become a space plagued with tangled up wires, electronics, games and toys. If wires are your biggest opponent here, try using some simple zip ties in order to consolidate wires and make them more discreet and manageable. For everything else, we recommend a set of 2 - 4 baskets that can fit underneath your entertainment center. Each basket should represent a category of items, for example one for your games and another various electronics.

Finishing in the bedroom - The bedroom can easily become the most cluttered area of your home. For effective Spring organization, you'll need to give this space some extra attention.

Let's start with your dresser, if each drawer isn't designated for a category of clothing article, then you're doing it wrong! Only have 3 drawers? Not a problem! You can consolidate things like short/ long sleeves, dress pants/ jeans and socks/ undergarments.

The space underneath your bed can be a gold mine for organization. Consider purchasing a few of these storage bags, that slide right under your bed for sheets, blankets and pillows. This saves you so much space, and they're super easy to access!

Spring Forward

Spring is such a great time to reorganize and give yourself a fresh start. We recommend taking this time to redecorate your walls with some new artwork, posters or photographs. With a de-cluttered space, you'll be able to relax, and take a breath of fresh air. Organizing your home is an opportunity to look forward, onto new and better horizons. Look at your organization efforts as a fresh start, leaving behind whatever negativity you underwent in the last year, the future will be bright.  Need help?  We are always here to help.  Book online or just give us a call.