Our Mission: Delivering Trust and Creating Wow!

From day one, Fresh Tech Maid was built on one thing only: deliver trust through superb and consistent service quality. We strongly believe that superb quality comes from superb employees. We select and train our employees beyond the highest standard. Only 1% of applicants are hired. As a result, our technicians are among the most trustworthy and well trained in the industry.

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According to the Best Pick Report, we are the Best Pick of Cleaning Services and Maid Services in Chicago, Evanston, and Arlington Heights.

We Contribute to Our Community!

Fresh Tech Maid is a member of Cleaning For A Reason Foundation, providing free cleaning services to women with cancer. Fresh Tech Maid has provided $35,000 of free cleanings to help women with breast cancer under chemo therapy. In addition, we also provide hundreds of free cleanings on behalf of Normal Moments to help families with critically illed children.

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What’s With the Funky Name “Fresh Tech Maid”?

We strive to provide cleaner, safer, and healthier chemical free cleaning by adopting the most effective cleaning technology, such as DI water. We are a small local company, but we act big, for the safety of your kids, pets, you, and the Earth! Cheers!

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