How Resilient Is Fresh Tech Maid?

Fresh Tech Maid is the only home cleaning service in the Chicago area that requires all employees to undergo regular COVID-19 testing.


To protect you throughout this pandemic.

As an organization that serves seniors, immunocompromised individuals and others who are at high risk - it's our duty to uphold this standard.

Amber's Persistence

Amber, one of Fresh Tech Maid's amazing Arlington Heights technicians, was no stranger to getting her routine COVID-19 testing done. She's always been on top of this task since day 1.

As COVID-19 cases rose, and testing lines grew longer, Amber knew that this task could become more challenging.

When Amber showed up at her regular testing site, she was shocked to see how long the line had become. Though Amber knew that longer lines were certainly possible, the one she faced on this day seemed shocking.

On this specific day, Amber ended up waiting in line for over 4 hours before finally finishing this process!

Amber is strong and persistent, because of these traits she was determined to get her COVID-19 test done, for she knows how important this task is to the company and to our clients. For many, this is an unimaginable amount of time to spend for something like this, but not for Amber.

Why We Tell You This

For Fresh Tech Maid, safety is our #1 core value. Without the regular COVID-19 testing, we would not be operating, period. This is our tool of reassurance - we can feel confident that we aren't carrying around COVID-19. This is a measure we take to protect both our clients and employees.

In Ambers case, this is a testament of how far Fresh Tech Maid employees will go to uphold our promise to you - to go through whatever means necessary to ensure your safety.