In a time when big businesses are only getting bigger, and local businesses are struggling to keep their doors open, it’s more important than ever to support your favorite small businesses this year. There are many ways in which you can help small businesses for this year’s Small Business Saturday. Fresh Tech Maid has a couple of ideas to help get you started.

Buying a gift card is a great way to “pay it forward” with small businesses. We're currently offering a special called “Give a Gift, Get A Gift” If you buy a gift card from Fresh Tech to be given to a loved one, you’ll automatically be credited $25 for a cleaning of your own. By utilizing this, you'll be able to give someone the amazing gift of a clean and safe home while also enjoying $25 off your next cleaning!

Another way to help small businesses is through online reviews. This is especially crucial in this time where everyone is shopping online. Having quality reviews can make or break a small business. Fresh Tech Maid is running a photo contest for some holiday fun as well as to encourage reviews. Take a picture of your space after Fresh Tech Maid has cleaned is, upload the photo to a Google review and we'll give you $25 off of your next cleaning.

Fresh Tech Maid is happy to announce that we’ve been operating successfully through the pandemic without a single COVID-19 case among clients or staff members. We owe this success to our high standards in safety and personal protection equipment. Finding ways to support your local favorites for this year’s Small Business Saturday is more important than ever. Small businesses, like Fresh Tech Maid, are completely reliant on community support to make it through these trying times. We hold belief in our community’s ability to keep the small businesses around them alive and well through this.