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Fresh Tech Maid Protects you By Keeping COVID-19 Out Of Your Home

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Disinfecting Services
To Keep You Safe

How safe is your home? Since the beginning of the pandemic, we’ve explored various avenues for how to best serve our customers. Fresh Tech Maid has options for various disinfecting services including full scale advanced disinfection fogging. Our main priority is to ensure your home or office is the safest place possible. We’re providing customers all over Chicago and beyond peace of mind with our expertise in eliminating COVID-19 in a fast and effective manner.

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Professional and Safety
Oriented Staff

Fresh Tech Maid refuses to compromise when it comes to the safety of our staff and clients. Not only do we require every employee to get tested bi weekly for COVID-19 but we also hold the highest standards in the industry for personal protection equipment. In addition to this, our technicians are professionally trained so they can be knowledgable about how to properly clean and disinfect homes and offices, especially in the time of Coronavirus.

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Easy Online Booking
– Worry Free!

We understand the busy lifestyle that many of our clients have. So to get with the times, we’ve created a simple and straight forward online booking system. With this, you can get a free estimate and customize a cleaning that meets your needs! We know that convenience is king, so we wanted to create a system with simplicity in mind. After all this is the 21st century, right? However, if you like to talk over the phone, we’d love to chat with you!

Our Services



  • ✔ Hand wipe and dust
  • ✔ Kitchen
  • ✔ Bathrooms
  • ✔ Bedrooms
  • ✔ Living rooms
  • ✔ Stairs & hallways
  • ✔ Floors
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  • ✔ All tasks under Basic
  • ✔ Hand wipe
  • - Window glass
  • - Outside cabinets
  • - Blinds
  • ✔ Change bedsheets**
  • ✔ Baseboards
  • ✔ Window glass*
  • ✔ Option for 360º disinfection fogging of all surfaces
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  • ✔ All tasks under Plus
  • ✔ Inside fridge
  • ✔ Inside of drawers and cabinets
  • ✔ Inside empty closets
  • ✔ Change bedsheets**
  • ✔ Option for 360º disinfection fogging of all surfaces
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Disinfecting in the home, office or storefront is extremely important these days. Hitting those high touched areas can make a difference in this fight against COVID-19. Because of this, Fresh Tech Maid includes a disinfection of these common places for free in every cleaning! We’re working to be a part of the solution, which means we must protect our clients in anyway possible.


You shouldn’t have to worry about the person who is entering your home. Our technicians go through an in-depth 12 step screening process so you can rest assured that whoever enters your home is someone that you can trust. We take pride in our rigorous hiring process, we will only send you the best full time maid that Chicago has to offer!


One of the greatest benefits to enjoy from having a maid service is the free time you’ll find. On average, we save our clients about 4 hours a week! Home service shouldn’t be something that only comes around once a year! With all of this spare time how will you choose to make the most of it?


We’ve chosen alternative methods of cleaning from what our competitors do. Our practice of using chemical free products ensures a cleaning solution that will not be harmful to your health or your home. This method of cleaning leaves your home sparkling, without the harsh scent that’s left behind from chemical products. Even better, it gives Mother Nature a breath of fresh air.


We don’t just talk about how clean we can make your home, we prove it! Our founder, Wells Ye, was featured on FOX Chicago 32 to demonstrate how effective and amazing our chemical free cleanings are. Thousands of people in Chicago got to see this demonstration LIVE!


We specialize in happiness first and cleaning second. Our client service listens to your needs and wants so we can provide the best cleaning service possible. Our customer service is always here for you, no matter the situation! We are the best service that this city has to offer!

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Meet Our Team!

We love our Chicago community!


Amazing job! Gabriela was prompt, great with our animals and did an amazing job! I would highly recommend FTM!

Courtney C., Chicago
Verified Customer

Phenomenal experience using fresh tech. They were incredibly responsive and the price for a move in clean was very reasonable.

Phil T., Chicago -
Verified Customer

We used Fresh Tech Maid for the first time this week. Susanna and Gabriela did an excellent job. We appreciate their hard work!

Melissa C., Chicago
Verified Customer
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Become Part of the Fresh Tech Family!

Life gets busy, especially when you’re working and living in Chicago. Hiring a maid service can do a lot more for you than just clean your home, apartment, or office! The amount of time you spend cleaning is staggering, so transform that cleaning time into free time with the best deep cleaning house services in Chicago!
You’re Not You When You’re So Stressed

You’re Not You When You’re So Stressed

Working full time can be draining enough. Why should you have to come home to waste more energy on keeping your house clean? Having deep cleaning house services in Chicago to ease the load can relieve stress and help you live your life to the fullest. Learn more about the effects stress can have on your life here!

Don’t Miss Out on Family Time

Don’t Miss Out on Family Time

Running a family and keeping the kids in order is a full time job in itself. The kids are your top priority, but trying to spend time with them, have time for yourself, and alone time with your partner can be a lot to juggle, not to mention if you’re working too. Spend time with the ones you love the most instead of cleaning your home!

Focus on What You Truly Love to Do!

Focus on What You Truly Love to Do!

How much free time do you really have? Between work and life, it gets hard to find time to focus on yourself. Hiring a maid service in Chicago can give you an extra twelve hours a week to do the things you actually enjoy doing! Whether it’s relaxing, working on your hobbies, or going out with friends, Fresh Tech Maid was founded to help you get some me time!

Protect your Most Important Asset - Your Health!

Protect your Most Important Asset – Your Health!

Many cleaning chemicals are proven to be carcentogenic. Allergies can be a nightmare, especially during the Spring and Summer months. Dust can be a major cause of allergies and if you don’t keep on top of cleaning, it can cause flare ups and your health to be compromised. Another cause of allergies can be harsh chemicals that are used in cleaning products. Our chemical free flu buster cleaning will make sure your home is as safe as possible!

Maid Service Customized Just For You

A Maid Service Customized Just For You

You need a maid service that works around your wants and needs, not the other way around! We try and get as much information about your living situation as we can so we can customize your cleaning to fit your exact needs. Your happiness comes first!
Fast and Easy Online Booking

Fast and Easy Online Booking

With your busy life, we know you may not have time to waste talking on the phone. We created a simple and fast online booking system that can get you booked and paid for in less than three minutes!

Who is Coming Into Your Home?

Who is Coming Into Your Home?

You should feel safe and secure when you hire a maid service to clean your home. Our integrity is our pride and joy, so we have a long and extensive hiring process to ensure we only hire the best of the best.

Don’t Talk To Strangers!

Don’t Talk
To Strangers!

When you call our customer service line, you’re already apart of the Fresh Tech family! Whether it’s to book a move out cleaning, normal residential cleaning, or a cleaning for your commercial office there will be someone to assist you!

Be Apart Of Our Thousands Of Happy Customers

Be a Part Of Our Thousands Of Happy Customers

We make happy clients and clean homes! Check out our thousands of online reviews on websites like Google and Yelp to see for yourself! With such high reviews, it’s no question that we’re the best maid service in Chicago!

Protect Your Home And The Earth

Protect Your Home And The Earth

When you get a cleaning from Fresh Tech Maid, you’re not just making your home better, you’re making the Earth a little better too! We are the only maid service in Chicago that specializes in chemical free cleaning! This can be especially helpful when you book a move in or move out cleaning! Learn more about how cleaning chemicals effect the environment here!
We Don’t Just Talk the Talk

We Don’t Just Talk the Talk

Sadly, there are many local house cleaning services in Chicago who claim to be ‘green’, but still use products that are harmful to the environment. Even household cleaners that claim to be green can contain harmful chemicals, as long as they contain less than normal. Fresh Tech Maid is NOT one of these companies! When we say we use the most eco friendly cleaning products, we mean it!

Your Home May Be Toxic!

Your Home May Be Toxic!

Cleaning with chemicals can leave your home coated in harmful chemical residue. These residues can find their way into you and your families bodies simply by touching, eating, and breathing! Your home deserves a cleaning lady that cares about your health!

Show The Earth Some Love

Show The Earth Some Love

Every year the U.S. is responsible for dumping over six BILLION pounds of cleaning chemicals into the environment. This is equal to twenty pounds of toxic chemicals per person! The typical home contains around sixty-three unsafe cleaning-related products!

Our Secret Ingredient

Our Secret Ingredient

Here at Fresh Tech Maid, we use one special ingredient to make our deep cleanings chemical-free and germ-free. We use de-ionized water, which is water in its purest form! It acts as a “hungry” cleaner by attracting and dissolving both microorganisms and soil. It kills germs, picks up dirt, deep cleans, and leaves only water residue behind! Learn more about DI water here!

Secrets Other Maid Services - Fresh Tech Maids

Secrets Other Maid Services Won’t Tell You!

There are many tricks that other residential cleaning services use to make their prices lower, but end up hurting their clients more than helping them. The average cost of local house cleaning Chicago should reflect the quality of the cleaning and the quantity of hours the cleaning will take. Fresh Tech Maid cares deeply about our integrity and clients, so we are completely transparent when it comes to everything!

What Are You Really Paying?

What Are You
Really Paying?

One of the dirty tricks other maid services in Chicago tend to use is giving you a low quote in order to undermine their competitors and get your business. A big reason the price is so low is because they didn’t calculate the correct amount of hours it will take to clean your home. Fresh Tech Maid asks many questions about the size of your home beforehand so we can give you a proper quote. Normally, we will give you the max amount because we would rather you pay less unexpectedly instead of more!

Cheaper Services Can Cost You More

Cheaper Services  Cost You More

Another reason other residential cleaning services may quote low is because their prices are actually low! When this happens you should always ask if the cleaning lady is properly trained, insured, and reliable. Many times low prices mean untrustworthy maids that may not clean your home the way you want. What’s the point of hiring a cleaning service if they don’t do their job? Fresh Tech Maid has an extremely intricate hiring process and detailed training process to ensure your cleaning lady is highly trained, insured, and trustworthy.

Wait, What is that smell?!

Wait, what is
that smell?

Many other maid services in Chicago use cheap chemical cleaners in order to keep their prices low. These chemicals can be damaging to you, your family, and especially your pets! Combine harsh chemicals with untrained maids and you have a recipe for disaster! Fresh Tech Maid only uses chemical free cleaning products that are safe for everyone in your home! Learn more about the effects cleaning products can have on your health here!


We Really Care
About Your Home

Do you want a cleaning lady that cleans your home as carefully as you would? We have a very detailed hiring process because we only hire the best. We only provide our clients with our own well trained employees, instead of independent contractors.  None of our technicians ever clean more than two homes a day and they have the weekends off; we are also the highest paying maid service in Chicago. This means our technicians really care about their work and your home. We have the most trustworthy, detailed, and reliable maids in Chicago!

Still Need Some Convincing?

Hear it from REAL clients of Fresh Tech Maid how we’ve made their lives easier and homes safer! Without a doubt, we are the #1 professional cleaning service in Chicago IL for residential and commercial cleaning! Our mission is to serve our community with quality home maid cleaning services in any way that we can.

Whether you just want advice about cleaning supplies or are ready to schedule your home cleaning services, we’re always here to talk and educate. Please feel free to reach out at (847) 392-0888, we’d love to chat 🙂

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