There's no time like the Spring time to give thanks to mother nature! Flowers are blooming, the weather is warm, the colors are beautiful and you can start to get outside again!

What else is great about Spring?

Spring is such a great time to properly clean your home, whether this be a deep clean, regular clean, wardrobe cleaning or just doing the dishes! In fact, 78% of Americans actually use this time to clean in one way or another.

What Do You Typically Use?

As you begin to start thinking about your Spring cleaning plans, you should also consider what products you typically use for these tasks. Are your current products healthy for you, your family or mother nature? If you answered no to any of those, it's time to ditch your arsenal and go chemical free for Spring!

Here's A Few More Reasons

At Fresh Tech Maid, we've know for over a decade now that we can ditch the chemicals and conduct effective, eco friendly cleanings. But many of our customers might not know why we actually do this.

Well, here's a few reasons:

  • It's better for your health - Children, seniors and pets in the house will have health benefits from the use of chemical free products. With eco friendly cleaning, you won't need to worry about keeping products locked up and stored away, the products that we use are virtually harmless. The air you breathe in will be much more fresh and pure, no one likes the taste of chemicals!
  • It can be cheaper in the long run - That's right! More often than not you can find all kinds of natural, chemical free products at your local grocery store. In addition, these are items that can typically be purchased in bulk, unlike bleach wipes which you only buy by the package.

And The Final Reason

Mother Nature!

They call it "eco friendly cleaning" for a reason, it's good for the environment! The products that Fresh Tech Maid uses are sustainable and biodegradable. So many other chemical based products end up in our water and have negative effects on wildlife and mother nature.

Spring is the perfect time to reflect on what changes you can make to help out mother nature just a little bit. Switching your cleaning product line up is an easy, cost effective way of doing your part!

Take a good look under your cabinet, what percentage of your cleaning products are potentially toxic? This year, let's work together to make the earth a little bit greener.