Kitchen is the most used home space. But no worries, you can easily clean with these tips from Fresh Tech Maid, which provides the best spring cleaning in Chicago.  

The process of starting a comprehensive spring cleaning in the kitchen is not just about aesthetics but also for making sure that your kitchen space remains hygienic, practical, and has a refreshing touch.

In this guide, we will go through the important tips to handle everything about kitchen spring cleaning with ease and perfection.

This blog encourages you to conduct a thorough spring cleaning of your kitchen cabinets, counters, sinks, pantries, and windows to enjoy the spring with a clean kitchen area.

Declutter And Organize

The process of decluttering of your kitchen space is one of the important tasks that should be completed at the very beginning of your kitchen spring cleaning. It should be done to prepare your kitchen space for further complex deep cleaning processes.

Therefore, you should declutter your kitchen countertops, cabinets, and drawers or perform effective sorting through your pantry and refrigerator to remove expired food or any items that you no longer use.

Donate them if these pantry foods are not expired.

Deep Cleaning Of The Appliances

Are you looking for an effective and fast spring cleaning checklist to deep clean kitchen appliances for the spring season?

Deep cleaning of the kitchen appliances is a very critical task to protect your appliances from any critical issue for the upcoming season. The important steps you can perform are:

●     To get rid of the tough spots, clean the stove using a specialized cleaner or a vinegar and baking soda mixture.

●     To remove any spills or stains, the refrigerator needs to be completely cleaned by wiping the exterior stainless steel along the grain and inner components with a cleaning solution.

●     For the ideal spring cleaning, the kitchen appliances' coils and vents are needed to be cleaned with a kitchen cleaner.

●     After heating a bowl of water with lemon slices for a few minutes, use this solution to completely clean the microwave's interior and get rid of tough stains.

●     A kitchen cleaner or a general cleaner should be used to clean the dishwasher and get rid of any residue or buildup.

Clean Drawers, Countertops and Closets

Use a gentle cleaner or a warm bowl of water and soapy water mixture to thoroughly clean and scoop down the cup boards, drawers, and fridge to remove grease and dirt.

The following tasks need to be finished:

●     First, empty the cabinets and drawers. Next, thoroughly wipe off all interior surfaces using a dry cloth and sanitizing spray.

●     Utilizing soapy water and anon-abrasive pad, clean the cabinets outside surfaces.

●     Utilize a damp towel soaked in baking soda to remove any lingering grease stripes.

●     The grout between the tiles on the counter or backsplash can be cleaned using a brush and baking soda.

●     The counters may be cleaned with the disinfectant or with a vinegar and baking soda mixture.

Clean Floor

The spring cleaning of your kitchen's flooring and windows could refresh your house with new energy. The following steps should be followed to clean your kitchen floor.

●     First, sweep or vacuum over the flooring to remove dirt, food, and other particles.

●     For laminate and tile cleaning, fill a bucket with vinegar and water or a floor cleaner diluted with water to cleanse the floor.

●     Mop the floor and allow it to air dry. When cleaning down kitchen wood floors, use a bowl of water containing just a few sprays of dish soap, soak a mop, and then squeeze out as much extra water as you can.

●     For window spring cleaning, wipe the windowpanes with glass cleaner or a microfiber cloth to ensure a streak-free sheen.

Enjoying the spring time by creating a more sanitary and healthier atmosphere which requires a clean and neat kitchen. All the above-mentioned points should be performed thoroughly to make your kitchen a clean and healthy space to start the spring season.

Check out our checklist for a fast and effective spring cleaning.

If you encounter any problems with your spring cleaning process, contact the experts at Fresh Tech Maid for professional Chicago house cleaning services for your spring cleaning.