Schedule Adjustments - Minimizing It for More Happiness!

Stability of Schedule = Less Stress and More Enjoyment

No one wants uncertainty, more emails, and more figuring things out!

We all want stable cleaning schedules.

So, let’s minimize changes and maximize our happiness from regularly scheduled home cleanings. Minimize schedule change and make it easier for you!

If You Have to Reschedule ......

Let us know as early as possible, so that we can provide you with the best options.

Please note that rescheduling within 48 hours of the cleaning may result in a late cancellation charge, which is an $80 cancellation fee for a repeat clean or 65% of the estimated price for one time cleanings, initial cleanings, post-construction cleanings, and move-in or move-out cleanings.

We hate to charge any late cancellation fees!

Let’s minimize rescheduling! If we have to, please let us know as early as possible!

Keep the Rest of Your Original Cleaning Dates Intact!

If you need to reschedule a single cleaning, it is best to return to your original cleaning schedule moving forward, as the plan is based on keeping the Main Cleaning Technician for your home!

For example, if your bi-weekly cleanings are typically on Mondays but you need to reschedule a singular cleaning to Wednesday one week, it is vital you return to your original schedule on Mondays for your next cleaning. While it may not be a full two weeks between your cleanings, it will establish stability for both you and your Main Cleaning Technician, as well.

Again, the #1 Reason for Cleaning Technician Change

The #1 reason for having different cleaning technicians is schedule change.

Whenever you change your schedule, the likelihood of having the same cleaning technician available on a different day is very low because of the popularity of our cleaning technicians.

The other time slot for your main cleaning technician is highly likely to be taken. Hence, staying with your regular schedule is the key to retaining your Main Cleaning Technician!

Hence, we should always return to our regular schedule after a schedule change.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Question: can I have a monthly cleaning every 2nd Wednesday of each month?

No. This is because our schedule is based on a 4-week cycle, not on the calendar month. For example, if a calendar month happens to have 5 weeks instead of 4, your monthly cleaning would take place the first and last week of that month based on a 4-week cycle. Hence, every 2nd Wednesday will not work for a monthly cleaning.

Question: can I reschedule one cleaning and still have my main cleaning technician for this cleaning?

Very unlikely. You are likely to have a different technician for the cleaning when you reschedule. However, if you return to your regular schedule, then you will enjoy the same cleaning technician afterwards. In fact, that is what we always recommend our clients do - after a reschedule, always return to the original schedule to enjoy the stability of the cleaning technicians and your home cleaning schedule.

Question: sometimes, a schedule change is triggered by your side. Why?

Yes. Sometimes, rescheduling is triggered by Fresh Tech Maid. The most common reason would be safety. We do not want to send any cleaning technician who is not feeling well to your home, for the safety of both your family and our cleaning technicians.

Often, we can find a backup solution. Sometimes, we can not. If so, we must still put safety first and reschedule.

Question: after a reschedule, my next bi-weekly cleaning is only 8 days away. Should I go back to my original schedule or should I start a new schedule?

We still need to return to your original bi-weekly schedule in 8 days so that we re-establish stability for both your house cleaning schedule and your Main Cleaning Technician.

Starting a new schedule is an option with many pitfalls, such as having a new cleaning technician and a new scheduling routine.

Question: beyond minimizing schedule change, what else can I do to help keep my service stable for both my schedule and my Main Cleaning Technicians?

You can do many other things to enhance stability.

● Please write them an online review! They also get a bonus for each online review mentioning their name.

● Pay a tip! It is not mandatory at all, but a tip is always welcomed if the technician earned it!

● Please provide feedback. The #1 motivation for our cleaning technicians is to make you happy. Any feedback on how we can do better is highly appreciated. Do not worry that your feedback may hurt our feelings. It will NOT, because we want to do better and we need to know how we can improve based on your needs!

● Plan early and inform us as early as possible for any future schedule changes.

● Please set up a lock-box based entry. Fresh Tech Maid provides a free lock-box with $30 deposits. With a lock-box, if you have an unexpected change, we can always enter and exit your home safely and securely.