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For Our Customers  & Families Utmost Safety:
All Technicians Tested Bi-weekly for COVID-19.
Protection Equipment Worn at All Times.
Total Disinfection Guaranteed.

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A Happy, Healthy, and Safe Home!

Fresh Tech Maid Protects you By Keeping COVID-19 Out Of Your Home

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Medical Grade Disinfectant to Safeguard Your Home

Cleaning and disinfecting your home is our #1 goal right now. Our Evanston house cleaning service aims to be a part of the solution when it comes to defeating Covid-19. Our technicians are trained on how to effectively disinfect commonly touched surfaces. You will have peace of mind knowing that your home is a safe place for you and your family.

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A Staff You Can Trust, Fully Tested for Covid-19, Fully Protected for Safety

The safety of our clients and staff members is the #1 priority for Fresh Tech Maid. We go above and beyond industry standards to ensure the we are utilizing the safest practices possible out of any maid service in Evanston. All of our technicians are tested regularly for Covid-19 to secure the well-being staff and clients. We have deployed additional training systems, making our technicians knowledgable about how to properly clean a home for Coronavirus. This is why residents of Evanston highly recommend Fresh Tech Maid.

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Easily Book Online with Peace of Mind

Luckily, Fresh Tech Maid was born in the 21st century, so we have a solid understanding of how our clients wish to go about business. Not only do we have a super quick online booking system, but we also text – no need to talk on the phone if you don’t want to! Our online booking process has been designed to save you time, so you can get back to your routine. In all aspects, our entire process, from booking to the house cleaning service, is designed to save you time in the long run.

Our Services


  • Green Checkmark
    Hand-Wipe Baseboards
  • Green Checkmark
    Interior Window Glass
  • Green Checkmark
    Hand-Wipe Inside and/or Outside of Cabinets
  • Green Checkmark
    Hand-Wipe Blinds
  • Green Checkmark


  • Green Checkmark
    Hand-wipe all horizontal surfaces
  • Green Checkmark
    dust all vertical surfaces (dirty spots will be hand wiped)
  • Green Checkmark
    surfaces must be reachable with 2-step ladder
  • Green Checkmark
    Inside Fridge
  • Green Checkmark
    Inside cabinets and drawers
  • Green Checkmark
    Inside Closets (if empty)
  • Green Checkmark
    Inside Oven (if sprayed with Easy Off the night before).
  • Green Checkmark
    Disinfecting Fogging


  • Green Checkmark
    Hand-wipe all horizontal surfaces
  • Green Checkmark
    hand-wipe all vertical surfaces
  • Green Checkmark
    surfaces must be reachable with 2-step ladder
  • Green Checkmark
    Change 1-bed Sheets
  • Green Checkmark
    Laundry (1 load) 
  • Green Checkmark
    Inside Washer / Dryer
  • Green Checkmark
    Inside Dishwasher
  • Green Checkmark


  • Green Checkmark
    Deep cleaning with automatic add-ons:
– inside fridge
– hand-wipe inside and outside of cabinets and     drawers.
– inside closets and (if empty)
– hand-wipe baseboards
– interior window glass
– blinds
– disinfecting




Now, more than ever, it’s so important to keep your home and family protected. In order to become part of the solution, Fresh Tech Maid has gone above and beyond industry standards to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. Our technicians have gone through additional training and our knowledgable about how to properly kill Coronavirus and disinfect your home. We find value in following the CDC guidelines while in the office or at the cleaning site.


Who’s coming into your home? Other house cleaning services Evanston hire independent contractors instead of employees, this means the company may not have even met the person who is coming to your home! Feel safe during your cleaning knowing we have the most in depth hiring process and that we hire professional employees, not contractors!


What would you do with an extra 12 hours of free time a week? We love helping people spend more time doing the things they want to do rather than cleaning! Whether it’s hobbies, loved ones, or taking a nap Fresh Tech Maid is here to help!


Did you know when you clean with chemicals they leave a harmful chemical residue that can enter your body in multiple ways. Although companies can say they are ‘green’ while still using harmful products, we are a true green cleaning maid service Evanston company that uses products that are 100% chemical free.


We don’t just talk about how truly green our cleaning products are, we prove it! Our founder, Wells Ye, was featured on FOX Chicago 32 to demonstrate how effective and amazing our chemical free cleanings are. Thousands of people in Evanston got to see this demonstration LIVE!


We specialize in happiness first and cleaning second. Our client happiness team listens to your needs and wants so we can provide the best house cleaning services possible. We are always here for you, no matter what!

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Meet Our Team!

We love our EVANSTON community!


Amazing job! Gabriela was prompt, great with our animals and did an amazing job! I would highly recommend FTM!

Courtney C., Chicago
Verified Customer

Phenomenal experience using fresh tech. They were incredibly responsive and the price for a move in clean was very reasonable.

Phil T., Chicago -
Verified Customer

We used Fresh Tech Maid for the first time this week. Susanna and Gabriela did an excellent job. We appreciate their hard work!

Melissa C., Chicago
Verified Customer


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55,000 +

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Happy Clients


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Hours Saved for Clients

Dedication You Deserve!

Dedication You Deserve!

When you book our Evanston house cleaning services, you’ll be able to rest assured that you’re in the best hands possible! Our home cleaning experts are able to clean your home in the most effective and efficient, so you can have a clean house and get right back to living your life!
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Be Valued By Our Home Cleaning Client Happiness Team

Our professional client happiness is here for you whenever and for whatever you may need! We have a small staff, so you are never forgotten or overlooked at Fresh Tech Maid. Communication is truly key to experiencing a great cleaning, so they will be there to call you during and after the cleaning to make sure everything is going amazing!

Join Our Thousands of Satisfied Customers

Quick, Easy, and Convenient Online Booking

We know you’re busy, so this cleaning service Evanston created a highly efficient and secure online booking program that takes less than 3 minutes to get you booked or give you an accurate quote! The program is also mobile friendly, so book your cleaning on any platform that’s most convenient. This makes spring cleaning even easier!

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A Cleaning Customized For Your Home

Every home or office is different, so we make every green cleaning different! It all starts when you book your cleaning. Let us know what you are struggling with, what bathroom gets the dirtiest, or anything at all that will help us. Then, when you book repeat cleaning services, you will get the same technician almost every time! She will get to know your home even better and customize the cleanings based on you and your budget!

Get More Than Just A Cleaning

Communication On Your Terms

We are living in a modern age, and your local house cleaning company should act like it! Like we said, we are always here for you, but we are here for you in whatever form of communication you prefer! Whether it’s easier to text, email, or call us. Also, let us know right away if you only want to be contacted via text or email! We are the most tech savvy house cleaner company!

Become Apart Of The Fresh Tech Family!

Become Part Of The Fresh Tech Maid Evanston Family!

When you book repeat house cleaning services (weekly, bi- weekly or monthly) with us you are not just our client, you’re a part of the family! Have access to incredible open communication, exclusive cleaning tips, move in cleaning, and more when you choose a professional maid service Evanston that truly cares about you!
Fast and Easy Online Booking

Fast and Easy Online Booking

With your busy life, we know you may not have time to waste talking on the phone. We created a simple and fast online booking system that can get you booked and paid for in less than three minutes!

Who is Coming Into Your Home?

Who is Coming Into Your Home?

You should feel safe and secure when you hire a maid service to clean your home. Our integrity is our pride and joy, so we have a long and extensive hiring process to ensure we only hire the best of the best.

Don’t Talk To Strangers!

Don’t Talk
To Strangers!

When you call our customer service line, you’re already apart of the Fresh Tech family! Whether it’s to book a move out cleaning, normal residential cleaning, or a cleaning for your commercial office there will be someone to assist you!

Be Apart Of Our Thousands Of Happy Customers

Be a Part Of Our Thousands Of Happy Customers

We make happy clients and clean homes! Check out our thousands of online reviews on websites like Google and Yelp to see for yourself! With such high reviews, it’s no question that we’re the best maid service in Evanston!

Helping You, Your Home, And The Planet!

House Cleaning Services That Help You, Your Home, And The Planet!

Fresh Tech Maid is the only house cleaning company in Evanston that uses chemical free cleaning! We use a product called D.I. water that kills germs and deeply cleans without leaving behind harmful chemical residues. This is good for your health and for the planet!
Do What’s Best For Your Families Health

Do What’s Best For Your Family

When you clean house with chemical products you leave behind a chemical residue that can enter your body through numerous ways! This can be extremely harmful to the people in your home, especially children, pregnant women, and animals!

Protect Your Home And The Earth

Protect Your Home And The Earth

Not only are chemicals harmful for us, but they are terrible for the planet as well! Between people and large companies, we dump about twelve billion pounds of chemicals into the environment PER YEAR! This equates to forty pounds of toxic chemicals per person in the U.S. each year. You need a true green cleaning for your clean house!

What’s The Secret?

What’s The Secret?

Our secret isn’t really a secret! We use a product called deionized water that is commonly used to clean hospitals because of its ability to clean, kill germs, and leave behind only water residue. It acts as a “hungry” cleaner by attracting and dissolving both microorganisms and soil. This is a true ‘green clean’! No other maid service in Chicago, Arlington Heights or Evanston uses this product.

Proof of amazing house cleaning services in Evanston IL

Prove It!

Our CEO proved how effective it can be LIVE on FOX, it has also been featured on so many reputable media outlets like WGN9, The Chicago Tribune, The Daily Herald and more! Learn more about a true green clean and Check the video out here!

Feel Secure and Stress Free!

Feel Secure and Stress Free!

Some people may feel cautious about having a stranger green clean their home, but at Fresh Tech Maid, our maids are no strangers! They are trustworthy house cleaning service professionals that have been highly trained and certified. Whether it’s repeat services or a move in cleaning, we’re here for you!
Have Faith And Trust In Your Maid

What Are You
Really Paying?

Our cleaning ladies have to go through a very thorough process in order to clean your home or office. First of all, they have to go through a three interview process to ensure they have the right personality. Then, they go through a drug and background check. Once they pass and are hired, they have to pass a seven-level training process in order to clean by themselves.

Don’t Be Fooled By Other Services

Cheaper Services  Cost You More

Many companies have cheaper prices because they use independent contractors to fulfill their bookings. These contractors don’t have to go through any interview process and in some cases the company might not have even met them! You deserve a professional for your move in cleaning. While our service isn’t cheap we do offer discount cleaning for continued service!

We Don’t Just Provide Amazing Cleanings

Wait, what is
that smell?

When we do a move in or deep clean your home, office, or Evanston apartments, we don’t just want to provide you with an amazing cleaning. We also want to give you more time in your day to run errands, relax, work, or anything you have been putting off. We specialize in bringing less stress as well as a clean home! While it’s nearly impossible to get a completely perfect clean, we are the closest to achieving it.


We Really Care
About Your Home

Lastly, we want you to feel secure when you give us your personal information. That is why we use the number one booking company so that any financial and personal information given to us is 100% private. Personal information is only seen by the people who need to see it and financial information disappears and is instantly encrypted, so we can’t even see it!

Don’t Believe Us? Hear It From Real Customers!

At Fresh Tech Maid, we’ve dedicated ourselves to making our clients happy and safer one home cleaning at a time! We are, without a doubt, the most trusted house cleaning service in Evanston, IL, and our reputation will show that. From amazing customer service, to outstanding cleanings, Fresh Tech Maid truly covers all bases when it comes to the maid industry.Whether you just want advice about cleaning supplies or are ready to schedule your home cleaning services, we’re always here to talk and educate. Please feel free to reach out at (847) 392-0888, we’d love to chat 🙂

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