Want to spring clean your bathroom with effective spring cleaning tips? You can follow our step-by-step procedure with the best spring cleaning tips to make sure your bathroom is spotless!

Let's go through some important tips from the best house cleaning service in Chicago, Fresh Tech Maid. Follow these steps thoroughly for an effective bathroom spring cleaning.

Declutter and Organize:

You can perform the decluttering of your bathroom by neatly arranging all the cleaning supplies into storage boxes or shelves to proceed with further spring cleaning process.

Deep Clean Surfaces:

This process typically includesof the countertops, sinks, faucets, shower walls, bathtub surfaces, and toilet exteriors.

➔   Sinks, Counters, and Faucets

First clean the surface thoroughly. Then use a disinfecting cleaner or a vinegar and water mixture to disinfect all visible surfaces.

➔   Toilet

Start the toilet cleaning by scrubbing the bowl, seat, and surrounding surfaces using a toilet bowl cleaner and brush.It is important to clean the difficult-to-reach places, and don't forget to clean the flush handle.

➔   Bathtub and Shower

To clean your bathtub and shower, take everything out of the shower and tub, then use baking soda paste or cleanser to give it a good clean. After thoroughly rinsing, scrub all surfaces, including grout lines and corners. It is necessary to give the shower head a vinegar and water soak if necessary and then dry the surface to avoid water stains.

Revitalize Accessories:

If you want to get rid of any hard water deposits or mineral buildup on plastic or glass accessories, soak them in a vinegar and water combination for a few minutes. Don’t forget to clean bath mats, shower curtains, and fabric shower liners.

Clean Cabinet and Drawer:

First empty the cabinet and drawer. Then use a mild cleanser to wipe down the cabinets' and drawers' external and inner surfaces to get rid of any collected dust, filth, or grime.

Clean Vents and Fans:

Don't overlook the vents and fans while doing a spring cleaning of your bathroom; they are essential for preserving healthy air quality and tackling moisture-related problems.

To guarantee safety when cleaning, firstly switch off the fan or vent electricity, then remove any covers or grilles and start collecting dust and debris with a vacuum attachment fitted with a brush. Wipe down the covers and surrounding area with a cloth dampened with a mild detergent solution for a thorough clean to get rid of any mildew or buildup.

Bathroom Floor

You can start bathroom cleaning by vacuuming or sweeping the area first. Next, use a mild tile, vinyl, or laminate cleaner, or a hardwood floor specific cleaner to mop floors.

Final Touches:

To finally complete your bathroom's spring cleaning process, it is important to restock toilet paper, hand soap, and cleaning supplies. You can add a dash of freshness with freshly cut flowers to complete the finish touch.

Now you have our all-inclusive spring cleaning checklist to start the spring cleaning of your bathroom. By devoting time and energy to this crucial spring cleaning chore, you'll produce a tidy, welcoming area that improves your everyday routine and establishes the mood for the upcoming season.