Want the Same Cleaning Technician?
Here Is How We Can Pull It Off!

Honesty is #1 - Viable Goal, but No Guarantee

We can not guarantee it for every cleaning due to vacations, sick days, and attrition. Our cleaning technicians are people too, who will need time-off. In addition, the service industry in general and maid service in particular have natural high attrition rates.

Main Technician and Supporting Technicians

For each weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly client, we provide a Main Cleaning Technician who cleans your home approximately 70% of the time. In addition, we also assign 2 Support Cleaning Technicians who also know your home and support your family.

We are still facing a severe labor shortage, as all service companies are facing.

We have a solid record of providing our clients consistent cleaning technicians. We will do our best to achieve the above!

The Foundation: the Most Trusted and Well Trained Cleaning Technicians in our Industry!

Our system is based on this foundation: our cleaning technicians are tested and proven to be trustworthy. We are super selective in whom we hire, with a less than 1% hiring rate. The result is truly impressive: for 7 years, we have not had a single theft complaint!

The #1 Reason for Cleaning Technician Change

The #1 reason for having different cleaning technicians is a schedule adjustment.

Whenever you change your schedule, the probability of the same cleaning technician with a different schedule is very low because of the popularity of our cleaning technicians.

The other time slot for your main cleaning technician is highly likely to be taken. Hence, staying with your regular schedule is the key!

There Are Silver Linings!

Having different cleaning technicians from time to time has a few unexpected advantages!

● You may even prefer the different cleaning technician’s communication or delivery style.

● A different cleaning technician may uncover and fix the misses of your main cleaning technician. Different eyes often discover the unseen!

● It is always a good idea to have multiple cleaning technicians who also know your home and your needs.

Frequently Asked Questions!

Question: Do I know who my Main Cleaning Technician and Supporting Cleaning Technician will be?

Yes, you will know who your Main Cleaning Technician is when we set up your regular cleaning schedule. As for the Supporting Cleaning Technicians, we assign them when the Main Cleaning Technician is not available the first time.

Question: So, if I change my schedule just for one cleaning, I should expect a different cleaning technician for that particular cleaning? How about the cleanings beyond that cleaning?

Yes. You are very likely to have a different cleaning technician for the cleaning outside of your regular schedule. However, if you return to your regular cleaning schedule, then you will enjoy the same cleaning technician afterwards. In fact, that is what we always recommend to our clients - after a reschedule, always return to the original schedule to enjoy the stability of the cleaning technicians and your home cleaning.

Question: Do you inform me, if you send a Supporting Cleaning Technician, instead of my Main Cleaning Technician?

We usually do not. If you prefer, email or call us so that we can inform you.

Question: If you send me a different cleaning technician, can I just skip and wait for my Main Cleaning Technician?

We strongly recommend that you do NOT do so. We feel that a different cleaning technician is not a good reason to skip a cleaning. You NEED 2 to 3 cleaning technicians who know your home. There are also “silver linings” in occasionally having a different cleaning technician.

Question: how long do I usually have the same Main Cleaning Technician?

Could be years, if we can follow the above recommendations. It also depends on the cleaning technician. Most of our cleaning technicians are not regarding home cleaning as their permanent career. It is totally understandable, for example, that they may start a professional job after getting their degree. Hence, it is wise to support our Main Cleaning Technician and Supporting Cleaning Technicians system!

Question: beyond minimizing schedule change, what else can I do to help keep the same Main Cleaning Technician?

You can do many other things to support your Main Cleaning Technician. We can list a few things here:

● Write them an online review! They also get a bonus for each online review mentioning their name.

● Pay a tip! It is not mandatory at all. But, a tip is always welcomed if we earned it!

● Provide feedback. The #1 motivation for our cleaning technicians is to make you happy. Any feedback on how we can do better is highly appreciated. Do not worry that your feedback may hurt our feelings. It will NOT, because we want to do better and we need to know how we can improve based on your needs!