With so many products on the market, it is difficult to know what are the essential cleaning  products to have in your home. We all want a spotless home for our families to enjoy and certain home cleaning products make that process so much easier. The cleaning aisles of Target and Walgreens can be daunting, but here at Fresh Tech Maid can separate the men from the boys and ensure you have the top 5 home cleaning products at your disposal.

Microfiber Cloths

Micro Fiber

Ever wanted to know the most effective way of trapping dirt and grime from your surfaces? Microfiber cloths are one of the key pieces in getting your maid service in Chicago swear by them! The tiny loop shaped fibers and wedge hooks work together in order to effectively trap dirt, dust and even microscopic dust. According to scientific studies- microfiber cloths can remove 99% of bacteria while a regular cotton cloth removes just 33%. They are an essential tool for any cleaning kit making the task so much quicker, easier and much more effective. Why use anything else? Your health is on the line!

Deionized Water

DI Water

Paired with a microfiber cloth- there is no better duo. Deionized water is the leading general cleaner in house cleaning today. It is a form of chemical free cleaning- one that is not only extremely helpful for the environment as it doesn't leave chemical residue and waste, but it will ensure your health and the health of your family is at it's best too! Using chemicals to clean can detriment the health of your family- especially those with lowered immune systems, children, pets and the elderly. Using deionized water, you can ensure their health is at its best. It is the purest form of water, we like to call it 'hungry' water. It grabs bacteria and sanitizes surfaces as a result which was proven LIVE on FOX. You can check it out below! If you want to see more about deionized water, make sure to check out our 'Ultimate Guide to Chemical Free Cleaning'.

Air Washer

Air washers, or more commonly known as dehumidifiers are one of the most essential home cleaning products for the home. They work very effectively in purifying the air around you in your home. They are chemical free too using only tap water to function. They filter the air in order to remove bacteria, viruses, spores, and pollen quickly and quietly. About 99% of germs and bacteria can be eliminated with using an air washer. Allow your family to clean fresh and pure air- you will see the unbelievable benefits over the years.

Cleaning Apron


Although this product does not help with sanitizing and removing germs from the home, it helps get the job done quicker and easier. Nobody likes the chore of cleaning and cleaning aprons make the job go so much faster. Cleaning aprons have the means to protect you and your clothing. It keeps the grime you are getting rid off your clothes so they don't get ruined. Having a cleaning apron with pockets can ensure you are organized and working as efficiently as possible to get the job done and spend time with your family- the ones that matter most.

Steam Vapor

Heating water to above boiling point creates a steam which is an extremely effective way of cleaning. The steam that is created can sanitize all non electrical surfaces and forces dirt, grime, grease, and dust to plump up with water. The steam breaks down molecular bonds between the dirt particles and allows them to be easily wiped away. It disinfects with the high heat and with the wipe of a microfiber cloth, allows dirt to be wiped away and leave your surfaces sparkling. It is one of the best home cleaning products on the market.Cleaning is a chore but we know what the best products are for you to make your home shine. Want a break? Find out more about maid services and how they can reduce stress, free up your time and ensure you live your healthiest life.