One of the most common questions asked of this maid service in Evanston is whether or not our technicians will take care of the dust bunnies under our clients’ beds. Along those same lines, we also get asked a lot about leather couches and how far underneath them our cleaners will go.

Although we would like to take care of every single dust bunny that hides under our clients’ furniture, some of them are too hard to reach. We have limitations regarding how much weight our technicians can lift. We do try to clean as much of that space as possible, and can use some implements to pull the dust bunnies out to where we can get to them, or vacuum them up with an attachment, but since we can’t have our technicians move furniture, their reach is limited.

Why is this? Well, our technicians are not equipped, trained or prepared to lift or move anything that weighs more than 30 pounds. This is due to our insurance, and the limitations that it places on us. Also, we don’t want our technicians to get hurt on the job. Moving heavy furniture – even if it is just to scoot it along on the floor – opens up the potential for hurt backs, damaged tendons and pulled muscles. To put it more simply, our Evanston maid service technicians aren’t movers, and can’t be expected to act like them.

However, this maid service in Evanston do have a few solutions that we came up with in order to make our clients happy. They include:

- Cleaning as much of the space as possible.

There are ways to get to dust bunnies without having to use tools or resorting to moving the furniture. For example, one of our technicians can go around three sides of the bed, cleaning up as much of the dust as possible. However, this is a bit more difficult if the bed is in a corner and up against the wall on two sides. The space underneath a couch can be cleaned in much of the same way, leaving only the areas closest to the wall dusty.

- Using creative solutions, like high-reach dusters and vacuum hoses.

If the technician has a hard time reaching under the bed or couch, a extended duster – like the kind used on ceiling fans and ceiling corners – can be used to clean under the piece of furniture. The dust bunnies will stick to the duster, and can be swept up once they are out in the open. A vacuum hose attachment can be used for this purpose as well, although it may end up vacuuming up more than the dust bunnies. This can become a problem, depending on what else is lurking under the bed!

- Having the client help out a little.

If cleaning under the bed or couch is absolutely necessary (and there are allergen-related situations where it is) then we can always ask the client if they would be willing to help the technician move the piece of furniture so that the space under it can be cleaned. After the technician is done, the client will then have to help move the furniture back into place. As long as our clients don’t mind helping out, and fully understand why we are asking them to, then this is a very feasible solution to the problem.

As you can see, home cleaning often requires finding the balance between safety, physical limits, and results. Just as a “perfect clean” is not possible, there are other things that are beyond our scope as well. Although this maid service in Evanston is willing to work with our clients to find a happy compromise, there are some things – like lifting heavy furniture – that we simply can’t handle. We don’t want our technicians to get hurt! Also, check out our article on why your technician doesn't take their shoes off when they're in your home here!