We Hold The Highest Standard and We Mean It.

What does cleaning safety mean to you? Is it the safety of the products, the safety of the technicians or the safety of the clients? For us at Fresh Tech Maid, cleaning safety encompasses all of these aspects. In order to hold the highest standard in our industry, we know we must stay true to all of these. Here, we'd like to beak down why each one of these aspects of cleaning safety is important to us and what we do to maintain them.

It Starts With Our Product

As most people know, we are the only Chicago home cleaning service to specialize in chemical free cleaning. Not to be mistaken with green cleaning, chemical free cleaning means we clean using deionized water, also know as DI water. We stand by this practice, as we are completely aware of the harmful chemicals contained in many cleaning products. For us, it is important to know that not everyone in your household reacts the same way to certain chemicals. This is why we believe that is it in the best interest of the entire family to use a product that is safe for everyone in the home, even you pets!

Cleaning Technicians Are The Backbone Of This Company

A huge part of practicing cleaning safety is to put forth effort to our technicians. Some companies can't even offer their technicians with the most basic personal protection equipment, we think this is pitiful. Fresh Tech Maid goes above and beyond for our technicians when it comes to cleaning safety. We have raised our standard so high that we're leading the industry in PPE for our techs. Just recently we've added to our list of PPE - face shields, safety gowns, shoe wraps and disinfecting wipes.

Client Safety

We owe our long run in this industry to our amazing clients. Without the loyal customers that we've gained over the years, we wouldn't have made it this far. Because our customers are so important to us, we find it our duty to make sure we're doing everything to protect them. This starts with our hiring process. We are actually know around the industry for having an extremely tough hiring process, we only hire about 1% of applicants. By making this process so in depth, we're able to promise our clients that the technician entering their house is trustworthy and professional. Another way that we maintain cleaning safety in regards to our clients is through being health conscious. We require every employee to be regularly tested for Covid-19, so out customers can rest assured that the technician cleaning their home isn't bringing infectious disease along with them.

At Fresh Tech Maid we are in this for the long run. This means that we stay true to our values of practicing cleaning safety and do everything we can to ensure customer satisfaction.