Thanksgiving has come to an end and all of the family has returned to their homes. The only problem is, they left you with the mess! The dishes are piled up, the dinner table is covered in crumbs, and you’re already tired after having to plan the whole thing!

Fresh Tech Maid is regularly hired to clean up after these events, so we have acquired many tips and tricks to make the job easier and faster while still cleaning efficiently! We compiled these amazing tips that can make your post Thanksgiving cleaning so much easier!

Hire A Maid Service

This has to be the number one tip in the list because it will truly make your life so much easier! Instead of spending all of Thanksgiving break cleaning your home, spend it relaxing and preparing for Christmas! Go black friday shopping and come home to a spotless home and a sink full of clean dishes! Just give us a call at (847) 392-0888 or book online at the button below to book your chemical free cleaning.

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Start At The Source

When you start cleaning your home, start with the room you had your Thanksgiving dinner in and the living room. Clear these areas of all the dishes, so they aren’t discovered after you’ve cleaned the entire kitchen. Chances are, most of these dishes will need to be soaked. Start a soaking station in the kitchen and allow all the dirty dishes to soak while you clean the dining and living room. Also, spray down your kitchen countertops and stove as well, so when it comes time for the kitchen you have nothing to hold you back.

Get That Kitchen Done!

The kitchen is most likely the dirtiest room in your home, so the soaking in the previous step is crucial! The countertops and stove are probably coated in a layer of Thanksgiving dinner. Soaking these beforehand will cause all of the food to wipe off so much easier. When it comes to dishes, soaking is just an important, but sadly the process isn’t as easy. Utilize a dishwasher if possible, but keep the bigger dishes aside. Large dishes are normally used for the bigger food items, like the turkey. These foods leave behind some tough to clean areas, so doing them by hand will not only leave more room in the dishwasher but also save you the hassle of hand washing them when the dishwasher is unable to get off all the food.

Do The Floors Last

Don’t clean any of the floors in any of the rooms until you are completely done with everything else! Don’t waste time trying to throw away every crumb on the table so it doesn’t fall on the floor. Just brush the crumbs and everything else on the floor, so when you’re done you can just sweep it all up! Cleaning crumbs in another room can cause them to find their way into another room, so do all of the floors when you’re done with all of the rooms.

Utilize porch space for food storage

There is one per to Chicago’s freezing winters. You get more space for food storage! If it is below twenty degrees outside, it is safe to put food outside because the weather is as cold as your fridge! Don’t waste time trying to fit all of your leftovers in your fridge. Just put it on your porch and take it out when you want them! It’s very important to know that this tip is exclusive for porches that are completely screened in. There are still plenty of pests that can survive in these temperatures, so make sure the food is in a protected porch. Bacteria cannot survive in freezing weather, but racoons can!

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