Though general spring cleaning tips are great, sometimes the tougher rooms require a little extra love and attention! Fresh Tech Maid, top rated Chicago home cleaning service offers a variety of tips for cleaning all rooms of the house on his website, but in this blog he shares his top suggestions for kitchen spring cleaning tips.

Most people think that the dirtiest room in the house is the bathroom, but think again! It’s actually the kitchen! That’s why these kitchen cleaning tips from a top rated house cleaning Chicago are so important to make your kitchen sparkly clean.

1. Preparation

The first step to any successful endeavor is to make sure that you are prepared! Gather up all of your cleaning supplies, so that you won’t be running back and forth, and pick out your favorite playlist to jam out to! Make sure that everything is out of the way (dishes, trash etc.), so you can give the kitchen a thorough deep clean.

2. Cupboards

The first stop in the kitchen spring cleaning process is the food cupboards. It is surprisingly easy for uneaten food to build up in the pantry, especially over the winter months. We all have had old boxes of crackers or unsalted nuts that we didn’t mean to buy sit in the cupboard for months. If you haven’t touched it all year, chances are you won’t anytime soon, so throw it out! Once you have gotten rid of unwanted or expired food, organize the cupboard by food type. This will make it easier to see what you have, and hopefully not buy unneeded food in the future.

3. Drawers

Similar to the cupboards, clean out those drawers! Most kitchens have a “junk” drawer (or two!), but that type of clutter makes it difficult to find what you are looking for and is stressful to look at. Clear everything out, wipe it down, and get rid of what you don’t need. Consider investing in some drawer dividers to help keep everything organized.

4. Counter Tops

Basically, wipe down everything! This includes not only the counters, but all the appliances and surfaces that get neglected in the normal cleaning routine. The microwave, coffee-maker, toaster, utensil containers, these can all be full of germs. Consider investing in ionized water cleaning solution. It is completely chemical-free and eco-friendly, and Wells Ye says it works wonders! He uses this solution for all his house cleaning services.

5. Refrigerator

Lastly, for your kitchen spring cleaning tips, but certainly not least, the fridge and freezer! You may want to get your gloves on for this one. Most importantly, get rid of old, moldy food! Clean out everything from your fridge so that you don’t miss anything shoved into the way back, and throw out the gross stuff! Wipe down all the drawers and storage areas, as well as the outside of the fridge. Then, replace your fresh food in its sparkly new home!

Spring cleaning your kitchen is a great way to kick off a season of fun and warm weather! If you still don’t feel up to the task, seek some help from an experienced deep cleaning services Chicago like Fresh Tech Maid. They make kitchens feel like new!