Most of us have had the experience of standing in the middle of a messy, dirty, cluttered room and thought that there was no way we would be able to clean it up. There was just too much to do! This feeling may be more familiar if you have small children, who tend to make a mess wherever they go. Well, worry no longer! We at Fresh Tech Maid, top rated Chicago home cleaning service, is here to share how to tidy a messy home.

Don't Compare

First things first, it is important not to compare the state of your home to the homes of your friends and family. Every family is different and has different schedules, rules, and cleaning habits that they abide by. It can be disheartening to look at the perpetually neat and tidy homes of your neighbors and wonder why your home can’t be the same. But maybe those neighbors don’t have children, or pets, or a full time job. Maybe they hire house cleaning services. Don’t feel ashamed of your messy home, just do something about it!

Believe in Yourself

It may sound a little silly, but you have to know that you CAN clean up the mess. It is possible and you will do it. It may take the whole day, or a whole week, but eventually you will get your home back to a clean and comfortable state. Positive thinking can go a long way in these types of situations, where you may be overwhelmed by work and kid responsibilities. Just know that many a parent or caregiver has been in the same position as you are, and they have gotten through it too.

Get Started

Then, once you have a positive mindset in place, you simply have to start somewhere. Perhaps you want to choose the easiest and least cluttered areas so you can better see your progress, or maybe you’re the sort to just dive right in to the messiest places. Either way, the overlying strategy is quite simple. Each object in your home should have a proper place, and you just need to put it there. That’s it, one thing at a time, back and forth until each item is in its place. The problem becomes when you come across objects that don’t have a designated spot. For these, you need to either choose an unoccupied place, or decide to get rid of it or another item to make room. In this way, you can prevent clutter from building up.

Get Some Help!

Though the task seems simple when broken down like this, it is still possible to let the overall mess overwhelm you. This is when it can be beneficial to have helpers! How about house cleaning Chicago? If you recruit your older kids or family members to help, you can direct them to complete certain tasks and where to put things. The more the merrier, and the faster you will defeat the mess! If you don’t want to get a lot of people involved, it can be fun to have just one or two friends come over and actually direct you where to tidy and clean. This way, you don’t have to think too much and your friend can provide a welcome distraction!

Keep on top of the mess

Though letting the mess overwhelm you will most likely happen many times in your life, an important lesson to take away from this is to try your hardest to keep your home tidy all the time. This way, you are just dealing with little messes along the way instead of one giant mess once it all builds up! However, we know that life can get in the way of a clean home. If you feel the mess overwhelm you, we encourage doing a quick search of “house cleaning services near me” to find someone that can help you out. As always, Fresh Tech Maid is here to provide advice and friendly cleaning technicians.

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