Did you know how dirty your cell phone really is? According to 'State Food Safety', your cell phone has approximately 25,107 bacteria per square inch, that's three times more per square inch than a dirty doorknob! Fresh Tech Maid have come up with a 4 step process on how to clean your cell phone that you do not want to miss..

You should input cleaning your cellphone into your weekly routine in order to keep yourself safe. Think about how many times a day you touch your cell phone, or how much your children touch your cell phone! Keeping it sanitized will do wonders for the health of you and your family. Here at Fresh Tech Maid, #1 house cleaning and maid service in Chicago will tell you step by step how to clean your cell phone..

1) Turn off Your Phone

Unplug your phone and turn it off. When you start to clean your phone, turn it off for safety reasons. Remove accessories from the phone in order to clean the phone properly.

2) Gather Supplies

In order to clean your phone properly, you must gather the correct tools. The correct cleaning solution to use is deionized water. This is water in its purest form, free of mineral contaminants. As a result, it is known as 'hungry' water as it attracts and dissolves microorganisms and soil. It's unbalanced chemical makeup makes it an amazing cleaner.  Microfiber cloths are made up of tiny looped fibers which trap dirt and grime. When you pair a microfiber cloth with deionized water, it completely sanitizes the phone.

This is a form of chemical free cleaning as it only uses water as a residue. Harsh chemicals can really damage your cell phone, it is best to avoid them.

3) Get Cleaning!

Lightly spray the de-ionized water onto the microfiber cloth, ensuring not to make the cloth too wet. Lightly rub the microfiber cloth over your phone, ensuring you clean the whole front and back and getting into some of the nooks and crannies with a cotton swab and some deionized water. Don't forget about the accessories! Clean your case and other accessories that you may have on the phone.

4) Dry it off

In order to finish the cleaning process, let your phone air dry. Do not turn it on for at least 15 minutes which ensures it is fully dry and your phone is safe.

Cleaning your phone should be part of your weekly routine. Think about how many germs may be on your phone, for your safety, make cleaning it a priority. Fresh Tech Maid is creating happier homes all over the area.