When it comes to the holiday season, we are all so busy! Whether it’s planning a Thanksgiving dinner, buying Christmas presents, or experiencing all of the seasonal events Chicago has to offer, it can be a hassle to fit everything in! There are many things you can do to help calm down this busy season. Although, there is also one giant hack to not only improving your holiday season, but improving the rest of your life!

Hire A Maid Service!

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It may seem simple, but hiring a maid service can greatly improve your holidays and your life! The average person spends about twelve hours a week cleaning their home. This can almost double around the holidays when you’re hosting parties, gathering presents, and decorating. Imagine how much you can get done in that time instead of cleaning!

Hiring a maid before a large event can make your life so much easier! Not only will you be able to spend more time doing the important things, but you can impress your friends and family with your professionally cleaned home! The only problem is that the holidays are the busiest season for these companies, so book now before it’s too late!

Finding The Right Company

Finding the best house cleaning service company can make or break your holiday season! The most important factor when looking around is focusing on the quality rather than price. You can definitely find the cheapest service, but you may experience theft, rude maids, and they might not even show up! When you’re doing you research, ask questions and look into their online reviews.

Online reviews from sites like Yelp, Google, and Facebook can give you an inside look at real clients and real experiences people have had while using the service. These sites make it impossible for companies to change or alter their reviews, so you can feel secure in the opinions and information presented!

Asking questions is also so important when searching for the right service. The right service should be able to answer your questions in any way you prefer, whether that’s over the phone, text, or email! You should also make sure to ask the right questions.

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Who Are The Maids?

This may not sound like an obvious question, but this is what allows some companies take advantage of people! Some companies go through independent contractors instead of hiring actual employees. This means that they don’t have to insure or train them! In some cases, they haven’t even met the contractor! The last thing you need around the holidays in an untrained stranger in your home.

Fresh Tech Maid has insured, bonded, and highly trained employees, but they aren’t just employees, they’re apart of the Fresh Tech Family! We only hire one percent of the people who apply because we want to ensure we have the best of the best. All of our maids go through four interviews, a drug test, and a background check before they’re even hired. After that, they have to go through seven levels of training before they’re aloud to clean by themselves. To ensure that we are able to have such high quality maids, we are the highest paying maid service in Chicago!


What Products Are They Using?

Always make sure you know what you’re home is being cleaned with before it’s cleaned! You don’t want your holiday dinner to be ruined by strong chemical smells and toxic air. First of all, do a quick google search on every product they use to make sure it’s safe to use. Although, even the most popular cleaning products still leave behind harmful chemical residues that can be absorbed through touching, breathing, or eating around the area they’re used in.

Fresh Tech Maid is so proud to be the only maid service in the area that specializes in chemical free cleaning! We use a product called deionized water that doesn’t just clean your home, but it disinfects it while only leaving a water residue behind! This is the very same product used to clean hospitals. You deserve a safe, healthy, and clean home, especially during the holidays when you’re home is filled with your loved ones!

A Clean, Safe, and Fresh Holiday!

A maid service can help your life exponentially, but it can also help your loved ones as well! Fresh Tech Maid has easy to buy gift cards that is the perfect present for all your loved ones in the Chicago area. Don't just give them a clean home, give them the gift of more time and less stress in their life! From tired college students, busy parents, hard workers, elderly family members, or just the average person. A Fresh Tech Maid gift card is the perfect gift for everyone, so get them now before it's too late by pressing the button below to learn more!

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You’ve worked hard all year, you deserve a peaceful holiday season! Getting one cleaning from a maid service can help, but signing up for repeat services can help you for the holidays and beyond! This will allow your home to STAY clean and let you spend time doing the things you actually want to do. Right now, if you sign up for biweekly services with Fresh Tech Maid, you get 30% off every cleaning after your first one!