Closets can be tricky to organize. They have limited space, some much smaller than others, that need to hold a lot of items in a way that makes it easy to access them all. Ask the best cleaning service in Chicago about the best way to organize a closet and you are likely to get a wide variety of answers, some of which may or may not work for you. However, the following tips can be easily adapted to a number of situations, making it more likely to find one or two that you can use in your own closet.

Use large tags to separate your clothing into categories.

Anyone who’s shopped in the clearance section of a department store can picture those large plastic size tags that stick up from the hanger bar. Adapting those to your closet is easier than expected, and the best part is the fact that you can customize the tags. Whether you want to separate your clothes by size, by occasion, or by season is up to you!

Utilize the space on the back of the closet door.

Many Chicago house cleaning services recommend several types of store bought organizers, since they can be used to hold everything from shoes to accessories. You can even get creative and hang a wire shelf unit, the same type used in pantries, on the back of your closet door to hold larger items. If your closet doors are large enough, you could hang a small curtain rod or two on them, and hang scarves, belts and hats on the curtain rod.

Plastic drawer units can sit on either the floor or the shelves.

According to maid services in Chicago, these drawer units are easy to clean, and their clear fronts and sides make it easy to see what is inside of them without having to resort to labels. A drawer unit can hold everything from socks and lingerie (thus freeing up a dresser drawer for other clothing) to jewelry boxes and sweaters. It all depends on the size of the drawer and the amount of items that you want to store within it.

Know which items should be hung and which should be folded.

Fresh Tech Maid believes that the best way to keep your clothing in great shape is by storing each item properly. Things like sweaters and jeans should be folded and placed on shelves, while blouses, button down shirts, and even nicer camisoles and similar items can be hung on padded or wooden hangers. Sweaters especially should be folded, since they can stretch out if hung up.

Keeping your closet organized makes it easier to find which pieces of clothing – plus related accessories – that you want to wear. Everything in your closet will last longer as well, since it is neatly stored and correctly cared for. The last thing that any cleaning technician wants is to open a closet and have items fall out at her feet!