Hiring a house cleaning service can be a life-changing experience, however it is so important for both you and your maid service in Chicago to be on the same page about cleaning service communication. Otherwise, you could end up being dissatisfied with the quality of your service, while your cleaning technician may feel frustrated by not understanding the expectations. At Fresh Tech Maid service Chicago suburbs, we want you to be happy with your cleaning service. Below you will find tips on how to ensure that this is always the case by having excellent cleaning service communication.

Make a List

The first step to any successful relationship is to be very clear about what you want. If you have had maid services in the past, think about what you did and did not like about their cleaning practices. Consider exactly what type of cleaning you require for your household and write down each part of your home that you would like your maid service in Chicago to attend to. For example, if you live in an apartment, you should look for an apartment cleaning company.  If you move out, you should look for a Chicago cleaning services move out.  Though it may seem obvious, the more specific you can be, the better your maid service will be able to clean with confidence! You may also want to keep in mind any unique needs that your household has, such as senior citizens who stay at home during the day or any pets that may need to go elsewhere when your cleaning service arrives.

Ask Questions and Have a Reliable Contact

It makes sense for people to be nervous when allowing a stranger into their home, especially if children or elderly relatives will be present. You are placing a lot of trust in your maid service to treat your home with respect. Before you decide on a cleaning service, it is important to call ahead and ask questions about what you can expect from your cleaning technician and what the cleaning service communication policies are. You must have the email and phone number of the supervisor or scheduling director in case something goes wrong. Though the vast majority of household cleaners are reliable, trustworthy people, it can alleviate anxiety if you know you will be able to easily communicate any issues.

Speak Up!

If part of your cleaning service is not up to par, say something! Our cleaners take great pride in their work and appreciate honest feedback. However, they can’t improve upon their work if they don’t know what they are doing wrong! It usually takes up to 3 cleaning to optimize the cleaning for client.  Your feedback is essential.  You could let them know the changes you would like to see by leaving them a handwritten note, texting or emailing, or a quick phone call. If you are still not satisfied with your service after communicating your needs, it may be necessary to find a new cleaning company that is a better fit for your family.  Check out cleaning services Chicago Yelp and maid service Chicago Yelp for reviews to help your selection.

Cleaning service communication doesn’t have to be difficult! At Fresh Tech Maid service Chicago suburbs, we want your home to be as easy and stress-free as possible.