Fresh Tech Maid, an Arlington Heights maid service, understands the challenges faced by senior citizens and their caregivers when it comes to choosing a cleaning service. Fresh Tech Maid can be tailored to their needs, including chemical-free cleaning services for seniors, stress-free day-to-day support, and experienced professionals.

Problems & Solutions

Caring for a senior can be a significant burden for friends or family, and investing in support services, including a regular cleaning services for seniors, is often a necessity. They can decrease stress, especially for “sandwiched” caregivers tasked with caring for both children and elderly parents. Fresh Tech Maid’s extensive service offerings include both traditional “scrub and mop” cleaning, as well as the ability to tackle common chores, such as laundry and grocery shopping.

Cleaning services for seniors can free up valuable time for caregivers; however, care must be taken to select a maid that understands the unique needs. Fresh Tech Maids provides professional maids that are experienced working with seniors suffering from communication impairment, including hearing loss and dementia. We understand the anxiety that this can cause for seniors, and is committed to a gentle, patient approach to work with senior family members.

They can also be particularly sensitive to many of the chemicals in consumer and professional products, even those marketed as “green.” The toxic residue left by these products can cause a variety of side effects in seniors, including breathing impairment. Fresh Tech Maid, maid service Arlington Heights, offers chemical-free cleaning with all-natural de-ionized water solutions for sensitive homes.

“We believe our community’s senior citizens should always receive the best possible care, and we also know that caring for an aging loved one can be a stressful, difficult, and time-consuming task,” said Wells Ye, President of Fresh Tech Maid. “At Fresh Tech Maid, we understand the unique needs of seniors and their caregivers when it comes to a regular service. We’re proud to be a trusted partner to the many seniors and caregivers in the Chicagoland area.

”Caregivers should always extensively evaluate potential cleaning services for seniors before selecting it to support a vulnerable loved one. We maintain an industry-leading IICRC Certification, as well as years of positive reviews on Yelp, Google, BBB Reviews, and other rating sites. “We are a committed trustworthy service and all of our maids face an extensive background check and hiring process,” said Ye. “We enjoy helping seniors live a healthy life, and having a clean, organized home is important to that lifestyle.”