Our Client Success Team ensures that you are happy with our service. 

We are here to take that stress off your shoulders and to ensure more free time for you!

We will follow up with you regularly. We want to know your feedback so that we can improve your cleanings. We LOVE to improve.

We can also customize your cleanings to fit your needs.

We have a few key foundations to ensure we work together to create the most value to you!

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Same technician expectation: honesty is #1 - no guarantee due to vacation, sick day, and attritions. But, we often to a great job to ensure the following:

  • Have a Main Cleaning Technician who clean for your home for 70% of the time.

  • 2 Support Cleaning Technician who also know your home and support your family.

  • We are still facing severe labor shortage, as all service companies are facing.

  • Still, we have a good record. We will do our best to achieve the above.

  • Our system is based on this foundation: our cleaning technicians are tested and proven to be trustworthy.
    ‍Less than 1% of hiring complaint for years.

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Schedule change: will likely lead to change of cleaning technician:  

  • Minimize schedule changes to stabilize Main Cleaning Technician.

  • If you need to reschedule a single cleaning, it is the best to keep the rest of your original cleaning dates intact, as the plan is based on keeping the Main Cleaning Technician for your home.

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Your feedback is vital: it often takes 3 cleanings to optimize your cleaning

  • We will follow up with you for 3 cleanings.

  • If any issues (very rare), please give our cleaning technician a chance to fix and improve.

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(For Chicago Clients Only) Please provide a functioning vacuum and a 2-step ladder.

  • Some of our cleaning technicians take public transportation and cannot bring a vacuum with them. The ladder will help us to clean in a way to sustain the cleanliness for a longer time.

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3 Levels of Exclusive Membership to Appreciate your Trust!

  • Gold Level for our Monthly clients.

  • Platinum Level for our Bi-weekly clients.

  • Diamond Level for our Weekly clients.

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We want to reward your loyalty with discount off your Initial Cleaning.  

Clients who become regular customers with monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly recurring cleanings will receive a discount of 5%, 30% and 35% respectively.

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To help you is our #1 commitment!  

We guarantee a response to all inquiries within a 24-hour period.

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We want to add more value to you with a Free special COUNTS cleaning if you are flexible with scheduling.

COUNTS (Clean Over Usually Not Touched Surfaces) cleaning can include under/behind furniture, inside appliances, under beds and other add-ons to choose from. COUNTS cleaning cannot replace your regular cleaning.

Clients who become regular customers with monthly, bi-weekly, and weekly recurring cleanings will receive annual COUNTS cleaning schedules 1, 2, and 4 times respectively.

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Support your hometown small business and a safer and cleaner chemical free cleaning!

Chemical free home cleaning is safer and better for your family, our community, and the environment. Receive a $25 bonus for each client that you refer to us and if the client remains a customer for more than six months, you will receive another $25. A total of $50 thank you gift.

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Say a big Thank You to our Essential Workers!

Help in the professional growth of our essential workers through writing online reviews for them.  Each review gives them a $10 bonus and helps them climb the 7-Levels of Technician Program with pay raises.

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Receive an optional chemical free cleaning kit to use between scheduled appointments.

Enjoy a cleaner, safer, and healthier chemical free home cleaning! Safeguard your home from unnecessary and unhealthy cleaning chemicals! Just email, we will mail this kit to you.