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Amazing Growth Potential

Growth is very hard, but truly rewarding! We train, guide, and support you to be your best! Learn to apply the best practices in marketing AI, email marketing, and content marketing.  Achieve outstanding results through your amazing work!


Awesome Pay

Pay starts at $40k to $60k annual base salary + bonus with total annual compensation between $50k to $70k+. No limit on bonus!


Thrive in this Amazing Entrepreneurial Endeavor

Work on the edge of your comfort zone and embrace risk and failure head on. Experiment, track, learn, and become the best! Support a mature website ( and a start-up website ( Exciting!


Lead, Lead, and Lead

Have a burning desire to lead. Manage multi-disciplinary and multi-partner projects effectively and efficiently.

Life Friendly Hours

​Say goodbye to crazy hours. You work 8 to 9 hours a day and the result of your work is not measured by the # of hours, but by the outstanding results of your work.


Proudly Offer Medical Insurance + Solid Benefits

As a small company, we proudly offer medical insurance, free bi-weekly chemical free home cleaning, PTO, etc.


CoVID-19 Conscious

Your health is our first priority. That’s why we supply you with free PPE and regular CoVID-19 tests.


Fantastic Team Members

We love who we work with, and you will too! Get to know your colleagues at our weekly meetings and fun quarterly events.


Training + Mentoring + Support for YOUR Success

We have a 2-month training program. Support and mentoring programs follow the initial training to ensure amazing growth both personally and professionally for YOU!

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Marketing Manager
Job Description

Are you interested in becoming a highly effective marketing professional? Do you want to learn and grow spectacularly in an entrepreneurial environment? Do you want to be a key marketing leader in order to substantially increase the revenue of an entrepreneurial company and be rewarded handsomely in return?

If so, then this Marketing Manager position is the right opportunity for you! and, a leader in chemical-free cleaning in the USA and a startup for AI application in recruiting, seeks a Marketing Manager.

Are you?

·       Inspired: You have a burning desire to do great things and to grow!

·       Thoughtful: You have a healthy sense of self and how your life impacts the world around you.

·       Skillful: You are dedicated to what you do. You love working on the edge of your comfort zone and embracing risk and failure head on.

·       Unpretending: You are a healthy balance of confidence and humility! You understand that the more you know, the more you realize how much you do not know.

Do you also have these skills?

·       Strong desire to become a great marketing professional; effectively convey the value of our service to potential clients, generating leads! You embrace the digital age of marketing!

·       Ability to learn and grow. Have the mentality that growth does not make us look weak, but strong!

·       Understand that growth is superbly hard because it requires us to face deficiencies head on. Growth requires tremendous strength!

·       Excited to work in an entrepreneurial environment with weekly leads goals and aspire to beat the goals week by week.

·       Excellent writing skills.

·       Capable of managing multi-disciplinary and multi-partner projects.

·       Having a 4-year Bachelor's Degree in Marketing, Sales, PR, Digital Media, or Journalism.

Job Responsibilities for this Marketing Manager, after 2-month Training, May Include:

·       Generate more leads via search marketing, email, social media, and direct mail.

·       Manage multi-disciplinary and multi-partner projects effectively to meet project milestones, such as establishing a complex website, content creation, and link building.

·       Create highly desirable content (blogs, e-books, videos, InfoGraphics…) to generate leads.

·       Build and maintain sales funnels to maximize conversion rate.

·       Advocate clients to write online reviews for our great service.

·       Produce recurring reports and statistics on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

·       Support sales operations, if needed.

·       Market our Chemical Free Cleaning Technician position to potential applicants. Effectively generate applications.

This is a positive and healthy environment. This Marketing Manager position requires two-week additional training as a chemical-free cleaning technician. We believe you have to understand our service, before you can effectively market it.

Compensation is according to $40k to $60k annual base salary + bonus with estimated total annual compensation between $50k to $70k+. No limit on bonus! Free bi-weekly cleaning and PTO, etc. We proudly offer health benefits.

Not a remote work job, because our Chemical Free Home Cleaning Technicians are visiting different homes everyday. We believe that PPE, vaccination, and social distancing can help us to achieve Covid-19 safety.

Hence, we, the managers, must talk the talk and walk the walk by working in our office, located in Lincoln Park, Chicago. At this company, our Core Values guide our actions!

We are looking for a smart, forward-thinking problem solver to join our small, crazy team! Or crazy, small team. Works both ways, actually!

Okay, we think we've said enough. Your turn :- ). Apply for this Marketing Manager position now!


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