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Whatever drives your need for a fresh and healthier home, your Chicago cleaning lady should be there to help. Hiring a maid service can be a different experience at first but is mutually beneficial in the end. Our cleaning ladies care about you, we tailor and understand your needs and to give you the best possible care. You can work with your technician in a way to enhance your experience for the two of you. Don’t be the person who is constantly looking for a new company, learn how to work with one effectively! Here are our tips on how to best work with your cleaning lady in order to get the best experience possible for both of you.


Chicago Cleaning Lady

It is no mystery that maids are hard workers. They aim to please, living their lives making your life happier, easier, and stress free. As we all know, the parking situation in Chicago can be challenging so some companies will ask if the cleaning lady can use some of your tools such as your vacuum or stepladder. This lessens the load for the technician and makes her job slightly easier. Between cleaning supplies and tools, they can be forced to carry up to 20lbs, just to do the job. Make sure your vacuum is in a great operational state to ensure the service is at it’s best.

With the tricky Chicago parking, the technician may have to carry this for several blocks- could you imagine if they had to carry a vacuum too? It is highly appreciative if you have a parking spot, to give it to your cleaning technician.

Organizing your home before your Chicago cleaning lady arrives makes the world of difference; it also makes your technician’s job so much easier. A lot of the time, cleaning is quite visual. She can nicely organize your belongings, which can take up more time, however she can only do so much. Having a minimalistic surface to clean will ensure the cleaning gets done quicker and more effectively. If you need help with decluttering your home, make sure to communicate this to your cleaning professional.

Another company requirement may be to ensure ease of access to your home. Many insist on being home during the cleaning however you don’t have to if you have a trustworthy maid service. Many of our clients are not there when we clean their homes. Please be available if you are the one who will let your cleaning lady in. If not, use a lock box and ensure the key is there. Not only does this make their job easier, but it ensures that your technician doesn’t get locked out. This is a disaster for both parties. Not only do you get a charge, but also the technician will not get paid fully for the cleaning. Be prepared and ensure there is an effective way to enter the home.


You should have a great customer service experience from the beginning of your home cleaning service. Your Chicago cleaning lady however will be who you interact with the most throughout the experience as they clean your house. You should have more communication with the office in order to have a more effective cleaning. There should be staff on the end of the line to answer any questions you have and explain the whole process to you. They should have the aim to understand the need for your cleaning service, asking questions and looking to make this cleaning as personalized as they can for you as well as being there for you if you have any problems throughout the process. Walking through the cleaning with your maid after they have finished is a very good way to communicate any misses with them one on one so they can learn from their mistakes and grow as cleaners.

How do you express your gratitude for the professional cleaner? There are so many ways you can do it. Not only can you leave a tip, but also you can leave a positive review online. There are so many unbiased review sites like Yelp, Google and BBB that you can choose from and share how much your cleaning company means to you. It is easy to get caught up and review your service only when it is bad, but if you are pleased and the cleaning has enhanced your life, then make it known.

If there has been a change in scope, need some extra assistance, or you want something changed, then communicate with the office. In advance of the cleaning, update the office of the changes and hopefully they will be able to accommodate you and change that accordingly. Make sure you have a priority list and that it is very clear for the technician. Working well with client service staff will ensure you end up being a very happy customer.


It is easy to assume that the job is easy, that can be done quickly. Many of us quickly brush over the surfaces of our home, quickly making the home look cleaner on the outset. In fact, when hiring home cleaning services Chicago your home will be sanitized and cleaned to a deeper level. The aim of a maid service is to free up time in your life and create a healthy environment for your family.

A standard cleaning may take a few hours for one person as they are working hard to clean your home from ceiling to floor and paying more attention to detail more than you may yourself. A good cleaning takes time and will benefit the health of you and your family. Don’t ask to try and add more tasks without adding more time. If you add more tasks to the scope, then the price should go up, as the time it will take to clean will be longer. Be very courteous and sensitive to her time as she is providing the service for you and she is the professional. We all underestimate how long it takes to clean. We need to understand this tendency in order to objectively understand the workload that they have.

Expecting your professional Chicago home cleaning service to clean or organize things out of their scope is unacceptable. Maid services generally do general cleaning and not restoration cleaning. Asking your cleaning lady to solve problems like grout, stains that penetrate the surface, mold and even areas too high and behind hard to move furniture. Part of this is driven by if the dirt penetrates the surface. If so, home cleaning technicians will not be able to remove the dirt. The problem can only be solved temporarily however ultimately needs to be dealt with by a professional.

We at Fresh Tech Maid pride ourselves in our highly rated, professional services and the best staff in the industry. All of our cleaning ladies undergo background checks and a rigorous training plan in order to provide our customers with the best possible service. We are bonded and insured, so you don’t have to worry. From start to finish, we ensure high quality service from our office team to our cleaning ladies. Book a cleaning with Fresh Tech Maid today!



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