Cleaning Your Home For Thanksgiving

Let's face it, no one likes to clean. It is just one of those things you have you put off for as long as you can.  You can always hire a professional cleaning company like Fresh Tech Maid. But, if you are want to tackle the task yourself, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get your home ready for guests. Whether you are hosting a big family dinner or having a small gathering, here are some tips to help make cleaning your home for Thanksgiving a little less daunting.

Cleaning Priorities Before Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving: a time of joy, where loved ones gather and indulge in a scrumptious feast. But before the merriment ensues, let's ensure your home is spick and span, ready to welcome guests. Here are some cleaning priorities to consider before the festivities kick off.


Before diving into the cleaning process, it's time to gather all your trusty tools! Here's an exciting list of everything you'll need for the job:

You're all set to tackle the cleaning adventure! Let's make your space sparkle and shine!

Now that you have your supplies, let's dive into some basic cleaning processes that will make your space sparkle:

  • Start by cleaning in a circular motion, dusting everything around the outskirts. Once the outer areas are done, gradually work your way towards the center, taking care of anything that catches your eye.
  • Remember to clean from the top down, gently brushing away any debris onto the floor. This way, you'll ensure that every surface gets the attention it deserves.
  • Don't forget about the floors! Leave them for the grand finale, saving the vacuuming and mopping (if needed) until everything else has been taken care of.
  • When faced with a challenging room, like a bathroom or kitchen with stubborn stains, be sure to spray those spots first with your trusty general cleaner. Let it soak for a while, making the scrubbing process a breeze and saving you valuable energy.

Get ready to tackle your cleaning tasks like a pro, leaving your space fresh and inviting!

Family Room/Main Gathering Area

The heart of the home, the family room beckons everyone to come together. To create a space that's truly inviting, let's start by giving it a thorough cleaning. Begin by conquering the couches, cushions, and chairs – these cozy spots tend to collect dust and crumbs over time. Now, let your attention turn to the tables, remotes, and TV screens, ensuring they're gleaming and ready for your enjoyment. And last but not least, let's give those floors a refreshing vacuum, banishing any dirt or debris that may have found its way in. Get ready to relax and unwind in a perfectly cleaned and inviting family room!

Main Bathroom

Get ready for the Thanksgiving rush! The main bathroom is going to be buzzing with activity, so it's crucial to ensure it's squeaky clean and fully stocked. Roll up your sleeves and give those toilets, sinks, mirrors, and tubs a thorough cleaning. And don't forget about those floors and rugs - they might need a little extra TLC with a good scrub or vacuum! Let's make sure every guest feels pampered and comfortable.


The kitchen is where all the magic happens on Thanksgiving! So, let's give it some love and a thorough cleaning. Start by tackling the oven and stove - they're going to be working overtime during meal prep! Wipe down those cabinets to banish any grease or grime buildup. And oh, don't forget about the fridge - let's get it organized and sparkling clean for those delicious leftovers! Last but not least, let's not neglect the dishes, including those fancy China and glasses. And hey, the microwave deserves some attention too - it's the MVP for reheating all those yummy leftovers!

Dining Room

Get ready to make your dining room the star of your Thanksgiving meal! It's time to create a clean and inviting space for your guests. Give those tables a thorough wipe-down and wash those tablecloths to get rid of any dust or food particles. And remember, don't overlook those chairs! Clean and polish them to perfection. Let your dining room shine!


When hosting overnight guests, it's crucial to create an inviting and cozy atmosphere in their bedrooms. Make their stay memorable by meticulously tending to every detail. Dust those dressers and desks, let the sunlight dance through pristine windows and shades, and ensure the fan is as fresh as the air. And of course, don't overlook the simple pleasure of providing your guests with crisp sheets and fluffy towels!

Front Door/Porch

Don't overlook the front entrance of your home! Take a moment to tidy up the porch, clearing away any trash or debris. Give it a good sweep to remove dirt and leaves. And don't forget to give the front door a nice wipe down for a fresh and inviting look!

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

Don't let the overwhelming task of cleaning your entire house before Thanksgiving stress you out! We've got you covered with a solution: hire a professional cleaning service like Fresh Tech Maid to take care of all your cleaning needs.

Imagine a sparkling clean home without the worry of harsh chemical smells on the big day. With our chemical-free cleanings, you can focus on what truly matters - spending quality time with your loved ones. Let the best house cleaning service in Chicago put your mind at ease!

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Cleaning Priorities for After Thanksgiving

Once the Thanksgiving festivities wind down, it's time to confront the aftermath of a raucous household. Amidst all the cooking, feasting, and merry-making that accompany this holiday, it's no wonder your abode demands a little extra TLC. To ensure no crucial cleaning tasks slip through the cracks, we've compiled a list of cleaning priorities for the areas that frequently bear the brunt of Thanksgiving gatherings. Get ready to restore your home to its former glory!

Family Room/Main Gathering Area

The family room, the heart of Thanksgiving gatherings, buzzes with activity and laughter. But amidst the joy, spills, crumbs, and stains await their chance. Fear not! Vacuum away any lurking crumbs, pesky pet hair, or debris from your cozy upholstered furniture. For those stubborn stains on cushions and pillows, fearlessly spot clean with your trusty gentle cleaner. And let's not forget about those sneaky fingerprints and spills! Wipe them away from every surface with your mighty general cleaner. Oh, and don't overlook the TV remote controls; they deserve a good cleaning too! Get ready to embrace a sparkling, stain-free Thanksgiving experience!

Main Bathroom

After a Thanksgiving gathering with multiple guests, it's crucial to show your main bathroom some extra love and care. Give it a deep clean to make it shine and sparkle! Scrub those toilets and sinks with a powerful disinfectant cleaner, leaving no trace of any Thanksgiving feast. Don't forget to sweep or vacuum the floors, and give those small bathroom rugs a good shake. For those stubborn stains, unleash the power of your trusty general cleaner and spot clean with precision. Your main bathroom will thank you for the refreshed and inviting atmosphere!


After the chaos of Thanksgiving, the kitchen is in desperate need of some tender loving care. It's time to roll up your sleeves and give it a thorough cleaning to get it ready for all your holiday baking adventures!

Start by tackling the stovetop, banishing any stubborn food or grease with the power of your trusty kitchen cleaner. Move on to the cabinet doors and handles, giving them a refreshing scrub with a multi-surface cleaner to make them shine like new. Don't forget to bid farewell to any lingering Thanksgiving leftovers and disinfect the shelves and drawers with a reliable disinfectant cleaner.

Now, it's time to deal with those delicate dishes and glasses. Give them a gentle hand wash or, if they're dishwasher-safe, load them up and let the dishwasher work its magic. And don't overlook the microwave! Grab a damp cloth and wipe away any unsightly food splatters that might be lurking inside.

With your kitchen sparkling clean, you're ready to dive back into the wonderful world of holiday baking. Enjoy the sweet aromas and the joy of creating delicious treats in your pristine kitchen!

Dining Room

The dining room, the heart of Thanksgiving, where you've likely spent precious moments. Now, it's time to lavish it with a thorough clean. Gently wipe the table with a chemical-free cleaner, bidding farewell to any stains on the tablecloths. Grab a trusty microfiber cloth and an all-purpose cleaner to caress the chairs, ensuring not a trace remains of any food or drink mishaps.

Bedrooms (if people are staying overnight)

If you had guests stay overnight for Thanksgiving, don't forget to give their rooms some post-departure TLC! Show those rooms some love by washing and changing all the bedding, towels, and linens that were used by your beloved guests.


Once the Thanksgiving feast is over, it's time for an important mission: banishing the post-holiday trash! Gather all the accumulated garbage from every nook and cranny of your house, and escort it to the curb for pickup or dispose of it in a designated trash area. Let's bid farewell to the remnants of the celebration and embrace a clean, clutter-free space!

Hiring a Professional Cleaning Service

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