What To Do With Your Furry Family Member

This question is asked far more than you’d think. According to statistics, 39% of all households in the United States have at least one dog. Of those dogs, around 99% of them are well behaved and are trained to act appropriately when other people (besides their owners) are around. However, this does not mean that they will do so when someone who is a stranger to them – like a technician entering the home.

While this is a great question to ask, the answer isn’t always as clear cut. The best maid services in Evanston want your dog (or dogs) to be as comfortable as possible while your house is being cleaned. However, they also are concerned about the safety of their technician. In order to reach a compromise between the two, some communication must occur between the company and the client in order to work out a solution.

The first step involves a quick test, where your dog and the technician are placed in the same environment. Obviously, you, the owner or owners, need to be present for this test. You will be in the room for one part of it, and then outside of your home for the other. This two-fold test will show how your dog reacts to the technician in several different circumstances. After all, just because your dog is fine around you, this does not mean that it will be okay around strangers. And in going one step further than this – even if your dog is fine around the technician when you are at home, this does not meant that your dog will be okay with the maid when you aren’t home. In that situation, it may see the technician as an invader, instead of a guest, and try to attack.

Obviously, if your dog reacts in an aggressive manner and attempts to attack the technician, then it will need to be locked up every time your home is being cleaned. If your dog is completely fine with strangers, even when you aren’t around, then your dog can be left out. It’s that simple. This is why the test is so vitally important – the safety of your home, your precious pet, and our technician are our number one priorities.

If we determine that your dog should be locked up while our technician is present, the next step involves finding the best place for your pet to rest. Although a large cage or crate is a good solution, an entire room with a locking door is a good solution as well. Your dog needs to be comfortable, so make sure that no matter where he will be locked up, there is a comfortable place to lay, some toys, and some food and water. This ensures that your dog will not be inconvenienced while our technician is in your home. His well-being is important to us. However, your pet shouldn’t be locked up in a room that needs to be cleaned. That’s the most important part!

You may be asking – why do we go out of our way to make sure that both our maid and our client are happy? There are several reasons for this. Number one, we want our clients to be happy. They want their homes to be cleaned as efficiently as possible. This is easier to do when our maid can focus on the job at hand, and not on avoiding an angry, scared or upset dog.

We also have a legal responsibility to provide our technicians with a very safe work environment. We do not want to have our maids get injured on the job. Certainly, some accidents are unavoidable – that is why they are called accidents. But a dog bite or dog attack while in a clients home is 100% avoidable. Avoiding employee turnover is also key. We put a lot of work and time into training our employees. We don’t want to lose a technician because she feels unsafe in a particular home.

It goes without saying that we love dogs. We know that they are an important member of our clients’ families. But, we also must ensure a safe working environment for our technicians. The best maid services in Evanston go out of their way to work with clients to find win-win solutions, and this is just one of the many situations in which this takes place.