Color-coding is a great way to get – and stay – organized. Many different things can be sorted by color, simply by using different shades of pens, markers, paper and other items. The most common use for this is for organizing day planners and calendars, although you can go beyond that and color-code just about anything. For example, you can color-code your calendar, using red, blue or green to mark when your maid service technician will arrive to clean your home. Or, you can use orange as a designated color for things like doctor’s appointments or important meetings. If you need a little color-coding inspiration, here are some ideas:

1) Use notebooks, colored ink and matching sticky notes.

Students can benefit from this method of organization. Choose a different colored notebook for each subject and use the corresponding ink color to list due dates, test dates, deadlines and assignments for that class. Matching sticky notes can help you remember these important dates as well. Of course, this idea can be changed slightly to keep track of other things as well.

2) Assign an ink color to each of your children for your calendar.

Whether you use a large monthly calendar, a day planner, both, or any other handwritten method of keeping track of important events, this can work for you. Just make sure to keep that same color of ink for each child – that way you’ll know who has which deadline or appointment. It frees up space on your calendar and planner, since you won’t have to write in the names of your children before each entry.

3) Cover boxes with colored construction paper to make sorting easier.

If you follow the OHIO method (Only Handle It Once) then you more than likely won’t need to get organized in this manner. However, if you don’t, then sorting your paperwork, paid bills, and other must-keep items into colored boxes may help you get and stay organized. Colored paper is easier to identify than a tiny label, so assign each “subject” (i.e. utility bills) a color.

4) Brightly colored plastic tags can help you organize your closet.

If you don’t have much time in the morning and prefer to keep your items sorted by event or season, then purchase (or make) several sets of colored tags; you can use bits of yarn as well. Assign each color an event (for example, blue tags for formal event wear or red tags for winter clothing) and place the tags around the tops of each hanger. This way, you’ll know which items to reach for in the morning or before you get dressed to go someplace special.Fresh Tech Maid believes that color-coding can make your life easier. Whether or not you choose to use one of more of the suggestions above or look at them as inspiration in order to create your own method, is up to you. However, you’ll be more organized, more productive, and more capable of keeping track of when your Evanston maid service technician is due to arrive once you have a color-coding method in place. Also, check out our guide to chemical free house cleaning here!

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