Security is important. It’s the reason why there are numerous types of security systems available, some with tiny digital cameras and live feeds. You want to keep your home secure. You don’t want something happening to your home or your belongings while you’re at work, out running errands, or taking care of other business. However, once you hire a trusted maid service Evanston, you’ll need to provide the cleaning technicians access to your house, even if you aren’t home.

But what if something happens?

Despite the increased need for security, it’s shocking the lengths that homeowners will go to in order to ensure that their cleaning lady can get into their home. This is even without adequate concern of the safety of their homes. They will tell the service that the key is under the doormat or that the back door will be unlocked. Some will even leave their garage man doors unlocked. While this will give your maid service access to your home, it also leaves it exposed to other dangers. There is no way of knowing who else will try to enter your house while you (and your cleaning service) are away. It also causes a problem for the cleaning technicians, who might be walking into a dangerous situation if someone “broke” into the home before they arrived.

One way to keep your home secure..

There are two easy solutions to this problem. The first involves giving your maid service a key. This allows them to unlock your secured doors and lock them on their way out. Your house will be safe and your cleaning service won’t have to scramble around looking for a key. They won't even worry about the dangers that may be lurking within. The key will be specially coded, so that the service knows which one is for your home.

The second option is the best, and it involves using a lock box, similar to those used by realtors. The key is stored on your premises, but is only accessible via a special code. No one else can get in, and you won’t have to worry about leaving a door unlocked. On top of this, the key won’t get lost, and your cleaning technicians have easy access to your home. It’s a win-win situation.