Make Spring Cleaning a Fun Family Event!

With warm weather just around the corner, it's time to put away the winter gear and tackle spring cleaning.

But don't stress!

Spring cleaning can be a fun family event, especially during the kids' spring break. Spring cleaning can be fun and a great tool to develop kids’ respect to hard work! Fresh Tech Maid, a Chicago maid service, created the HELP system to use house cleaning as a tool to develop children's character and appreciation to hard work.

While they might grumble about chores, we can make it enjoyable. Below are some fun ideas and suggestions:

1.    Create a list or picture chart to track tasks.

Help everyone stay organized by checking off completed tasks or adding fun stickers next to them.

Celebrate progress!  

Why not ring a bell whenever a task is completed? Create recognition and excitements for progress made, no matter how small a progress is.

2.    Assign tasks to everyone, including the youngest.

Any child capable of walking can participate, whether it's holding the dustpan, tiding an area, or picking up toys.

This gives them control over an activity and provides parents with a glimpse of their productivity.

Trust a child with a task is important to develop a child’s self-esteem, confidence, and self-awareness.

3.    Spread tasks throughout the month.

Schedule 60 to 90-minute cleaning sessions once a week. Everything will be cleaned in a few weeks!

Utilize the kids' spring break for cleaning and outdoor activities.

Mix different activities for spring break, outdoors, indoors, and spring cleaning! 

4.    Turn cleaning into a game.

Children love competition.

Race against a timer and see who can clean a room the fastest!

Be ready to console any losers and install the mindset: failure is the mother of success.

Always reward a job well done with ice cream, pizza, or a trip to the arcade.

5.    Play music while cleaning.

Dance while you sweep or wipe.

Sing along to the kids' favorite tunes and occasionally treat cleaning like a dance-off.

Cleaning is repetitive. Cleaning is also creative!

6.    Take breaks, eat snacks, and hydrate.

Every 30 minutes, pause for fresh air or a change of pace.

Use this time to teach the science of cleaning. Explain why we use spray cleaners, water for washing, microfiber for wiping, and how vacuums work.

Teach kids about cleaner and healthier chemical free cleaning.

7.    Start small and show progress.

Begin in a small room. Have the kids clean their room while you clean yours.

Take before-and-after photos to show how much has been accomplished.

Celebrate the progress by contrasting visually.  It will be very impressive.

8.    Declutter and donate unused items.

Encourage everyone to fill a box or garbage bag with items for donation. This is a great opportunity to teach the value of giving.

9.    Encourage each other.

Just like adults, kids can feel overwhelmed. Motivate them with words of encouragement like, "You can do this!" or "Take your time!"

Once the cleaning is done, you'll feel relieved. Spring will now symbolize both great family events and a clean, healthy home!