There is no way to get around the fact that employee turnover is very high in the Chicago maid service industry. While no official studies have been completed, turnover employee estimates range from anywhere between 300 and 400 percent. This means that for every single cleaning technician position is occupied by 3 or 4 people over the course of one year.The reasons behind this turnover vary and range from poor pay to the hard work that the job involves. Working for a cleaning company is seen as a “dead-end” job, not a career option. It’s something that people take on due to necessity, whether they need extra cash for school or need work in order to support their families. In some cases, maid services are the only companies hiring, and people take whatever jobs they can get.In order to lessen the turnover rate, the entire maid service industry and its clients has to change.  Several trends are emerging:

How To Help

  1. Pay properly for a job that requires both professionalism and hard work.  Home cleaning job is not a job for illegal immigrants, but a profession requires high levels of client service skills and knowledge of cleaning science.
  2. Establish advancement opportunities for maid service technicians. This will allow them to see the job as a career.
  3. Give cleaning technicians the respect they deserve.  Maid Service creates huge value for clients by saving clients’ precious time and leaving them a healthy home environment.  maid service and technicians deserve respect in pay and in perceived importance of the job.
  4. Manage maid service companies based on professionalism and respect to maid service technicians.
  5. Hiring the right technicians, who are honest, trainable, and having good reasons to do this job.

All of this will have a positive impact on the maid service industry. It will take time to resolve the turnover issue, but it is entirely possible. It is up to both the clients and the owners of maid service industry. More Cleaning Hacks: Bathroom Special Edition

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