Cleaning is definitely not everyone’s cup of tea! However, living in a messy home can cause unnecessary anxiety. Here are some low-stress steps from Fresh Tech Maid, a maid service in Arlington Heights, that you can take throughout the week to ensure that you keep your home neat and tidy, and that it stays fresh every day. One of the keys to being motivated is to spread the work out over the whole week, and not consolidate it all to Sunday afternoon! Below are seven chores (one for each day of the week!) that you can do to keep your home neat and your schedule tidy.


The start of the week is the best time for laundry duty! Laundry is really a never-ending chore, and it can seem like an overwhelming task if you have a full house. Do a load of laundry every Monday! This is a great way to start the week off fresh, and it can be nice to relax and get into a cycle routine for the day. While the clothes are washing or drying, take time to work on furthering your career or just relaxing!  


Make Tuesdays your dusting day! Many people like to concentrate on one room at a time when they are cleaning, but it can actually be easier to dust key areas one day a week. Go through your home for five minutes and dust the tops of doors, fan blades, counter tops, and other commonly missed areas every Tuesday and you will truly feel accomplished!


After dusting comes the floor cleaning. Cleaning your floors once a month can be a chore, but it's easier and faster if you do them once a week! Wednesday is for vacuuming and sweeping in depth and quick.


If Wednesday is for vacuuming, then Thursday is for mopping! Conquer all of your wet-floor surfaces on Thursdays like the kitchen and bathrooms. You’ll feel so much better when your floors are vacuumed and mopped. This turns one time consuming job into an easy two day, five minute task.


If you have pets in the house, you know that they need a lot of attention! Besides the daily feeding and walking, most pets need to be kept clean just like people do. Take your Friday to give your pet quick a bath, a good brushing, or cage cleaning. Having a clean pet helps you have a clean home!


The weekend is the best time to run all of your errands. You're probably already doing things like going to the post office, the bank, or shopping. It’s a perfect day to take five minutes while you're at the store to purchase whatever cleaning supplies you might need for the week ahead.  


Sunday is an excellent day for meal prep! You probably used Saturday pick up groceries, so use Sunday to plan your meals. Take a look at your fridge and cabinet to see all of the food and ingredients. Make a quick list with seven meals you can make from all of the food you have to last you until you go shopping again!

We hope that this list can help you plan a day by day schedule to keep your home neat and tidy. Whether your looking for a maid service Arlington Heights, or just needs some useful tips and tricks, Fresh Tech Maid has you covered!