Accurate as of April 15, 2021.
Vaccination efforts and procedures change frequently. For more information, please consult the City of Chicago and Cook County websites.

In the last few weeks, CoVID-19 vaccines have started to roll out en-masse to Chicagoland residents. On April 19, all Chicago residents age 16 and older will be eligible for the vaccination.

How to Register for the CoVID-19 Vaccine in Chicago
1. Register with Cook County.

The city of Chicago falls in Cook County, which is responsible for managing the city's CoVID-19 vaccine rollout. That means that you register with the county to get your vaccine. To do so, visit the Cook County's CoVID-19 Community Vaccination Program website. You are eligible to register using this portal if you live or work in Cook County, and meet the rollout phase requirements. For best results, we suggest adding both an email and a phone number to receive additional instructions from the county.

2. Wait for a text or email from Cook County.

Cook County will automatically notify you when vaccine slots open up. The system will generally let you know when there is availability 24 hours before vaccination.

3. Get everything ready.

It pays to be early. Five minutes before the slots open up, open the link sent to you by Cook County. This link is tied to your personal vaccine appointment. We also suggest keeping track of the time with a website like If you're not a fast typer, you can use AutoFill on your browser to fill in your contact information. You can also write out your first and last name, birthday, email, and phone number in a document beforehand to copy and paste them in. Finally, research the vaccination locations and their proximity to your location. It's always better to get something closer to home!

4. Register for a vaccine appointment.

Timing is key. If your registration time at is at 3:00 PM, try refreshing your browser at 2:59:59 PM. Once you do so, you should see a number of locations open up. If you find yourself in the waiting room, don't despair. Sit back and wait patiently. The program will automatically let you in. Once it does, click through the onboarding screens. Try to avoid selecting the earliest and latest times, because those fill up faster. If the page doesn't work, simply refresh your browser. Once you fill in your information, make sure to click "Confirm my Appointment". You will know that the request went through if you reach a confirmation code with a QR code on it.

How to Register for the CoVID-19 Vaccine in Chicago appointment 1
How to Register for the CoVID-19 Vaccine in Chicago appointment 2
5. Get ready for your vaccine.

It's the big day! Be sure to bring your QR code, either printed out or on your phone. You should also bring some form of identification, such as your state ID, driver's license, or passport. Be sure to budget enough time to get your vaccine location. If you don't have a car, Uber and Lyft are both offering discounted and free to vaccination sites. Though Cook County recommends arriving fifteen minutes prior to your appointment, expect to wait upwards of an hour if you're going to a mass vaccination site. Once you're there, you can schedule your next appointment in person.

We take CoVID-19 seriously.

How to Register for the CoVID-19 Vaccine in Chicago - FreshTechMaids team
How to Register for the CoVID-19 Vaccine in Chicago

We wrote this guide to help out our employees to schedule their vaccine appointments, but we thought it might helps others too. All staff at Fresh Tech Maids are tested for CoVID-19 biweekly, on the clock. They also always wear PPE and masks on the job. If you're looking for a cleaning company that puts your health first, then consider giving us a call at (847) 392-0888 or using the form below.

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