Keeping a clean home during winter can pose several challenges. Winter weather usually means snow, ice, mud, and salt will likely be tracked through your front door into the house.

Winter also means more time indoors, which increases the chances of germs being transmitted in smaller, enclosed areas. More time inside also means more house activity, leading to more household clean-up.

Sometimes, it’s best to seek out professionals for help with tougher cleaning jobs, especially in the cold months. Search online for “professional cleaning services Chicago,”  and discover Fresh Tech Maids for all your scrubbing and disinfecting needs.

Cold Weather Cleaning

Cleaning in cold weather can be tougher than at other times. From harsher and messier outdoor conditions to greater amounts of time spent in the house, winter months create hurdles to managing the upkeep of your home.

Time Inside

Because of outdoor conditions, especially in northern climates, more time will be spent indoors during winter. More time indoors means more chances to spread dirt and grime around the house. Wiping down high-traffic areas such as door knobs, refrigerator handles, light switches, and kitchen and bathroom areas is an important cleaning task.

Eliminate Germs

Greater concentrations of people in enclosed areas also increase the chances of germs and viruses making their way into your home in the winter. Staying diligent with cleaning rituals and routines helps to lessen the negative impacts of different pathogens.

It may be necessary to employ a professional service to handle more of the sanitizing duties during the winter. Having a cleaning technician regularly give your house a solid and thorough once-over helps to establish a baseline for maintaining household cleanliness.

Stringent Cleaning Practices

Hiring a chemical-free, honest cleaning service like Fresh Tech Maids to assist in keeping a home clean will represent more than just a light cosmetic cleaning. A maid service Chicago will focus on regular maintenance and deep cleaning to disinfect. Proper cleaning removes the dirt you can see and the germs you can’t.

Focusing on the high-traffic areas is necessary to remove dirt, grime, and potential agents of sickness or disease. Fresh Tech Maids offers deep-cleaning services to handle both issues effectively.

By using deionized water and chemical-free cleaning solutions and practices, Fresh Tech Maids can thoroughly and honestly clean without concern about adding more problematic chemical residues to the house when finished.

Fresh Tech Maids’ technicians can also increase cleaning frequency in winter to match each client's needs. Maintaining a baseline for health conditions often requires the cleaning schedule to be adjusted throughout the year.

Air Quality and Cleanliness

Another critical factor for maintaining a clean and sickness-free household during cold months is properly managing air quality. The air we breathe in the winter months can be more compromised, as it is often circulated in building air handlers without fresh air being regularly cycled in.

Windows and doors also remain closed more often, locking fresh air out. With these respiratory concerns in mind, it's best to manage air quality more closely in winter.

Keep air filters cleaned or changed regularly. Allow some fresh air to circulate into the home, too. Equally, keep dust at a minimum by maintaining a schedule for cleaning the filters of any dust-trapping devices you may have.

Managing the Traffic Patterns

Wintertime can generate significantly more foot traffic, dirt, and debris. The winter weather conditions of the Chicago area are bound to include snow and sleet, which are excellent substances for attracting filth or making mud.

Consequently, carpets, rugs, mats, and floors can take a beating in the winter months. Normal vacuuming schedules or routines should be altered to manage varying weather conditions. Winter vacuuming requires greater diligence and attention to high-traffic areas.

Vacuuming Mats, Rugs, and Carpets

Rugs and carpets are often a home’s first line of defense against the dross of life. Consequently, they’re also some of the most filthy. Keeping them clean can be a difficult business. In winter, all normal dirt problems are compounded.

Regular cleaning is necessary to give these floor adornments the most life. Experts recommend bi-weekly vacuuming to keep dirt and debris from embedding in the carpet or rug fibers. Three times a week is even better, if possible.

In the winter, it may be necessary to vacuum as needed. Each trip back inside from the snow and icy conditions can bring you a substantial amount of filth.

If furry pets share your house, the necessity of cleaning increases exponentially. Regular maintenance of pet dander and hair may require daily vacuuming.

Any time outside in winter is bound to affect the animal’s coat and its penchant for dirt attraction. Cleaning carpets, rugs, and mats for pet dirt during these months poses additional challenges.

Keeping a handle on household duties in winter is a much easier prospect when leveraging professional assistance. Fresh Tech Maids’ chemical-free cleaning practices excel at scouring and disinfecting your home while maintaining safe conditions for pets, kids, and adults.

A Thorough, Deep Cleaning

One of the keys to getting a jump on winter cleaning duties is to perform a deep cleaning before the winter months arrive. But what constitutes a deep cleaning? Where should the cleaning start?

A thorough deep cleaning usually involves moving furniture, dishes, pots and pans, and other larger items in the household and cleaning all areas of the house, including the inside of drawers and cabinets, behind appliances, under the sink, the baseboards, fan blades, and all other visible surface areas. The idea is to leave no place untouched, no stone unturned.

Once the house has been properly deep cleaned, it will be easier to manage the encroaching grime through the winter. It’s a great way to maintain a tidy home while protecting you and your family from pathogens that could cause illnesses during these colder months.

This exhaustive project can be an all-day affair, possibly lasting multiple days. Holding down a full-time job and balancing all of everyday life's challenges leaves little time for cleaning, especially at this level.

Don't find yourself stressing about these tasks when a suitable solution is only a phone call away. Although Fresh Tech Maids won’t move your furniture or dishes, they will thoroughly clean these areas once you’ve made the moves.

Contact us to find out exactly what and where we’ll deep clean, and let’s plan to make your house look top-notch. Our cleaning technichans take house cleaning Chicago very seriously.

Time and Energy

Your time is precious, and there are only so many hours a day. Finding motivation for those few remaining hours of household tasks may be hard. And who can blame you?

Equally, a finite amount of energy and motivation is available for all the extra-curricular tasks we have to accomplish. Cleaning the house is a priority but is likely not at the top of everyone's list.

By partnering with professional cleaning services Chicago, such as Fresh Tech Maids, you’ll know that your home’s cleaning needs will be managed through a professional cleaning regime.

With flexible scheduling, Fresh Tech Maids can be counted on to clean as often or as infrequently as your schedule requires.

Plus, Fresh Tech Maids is dedicated to offering cleaning solutions that aren’t detrimental to you, your family, your pets, your home, and the planet. Chemical-free house cleaning starts with the use of deionized water. By choosing DI water, our customers know that our commitment to working without harsh substances extends to all our cleaning services.

Make an Appointment

When you schedule services with Fresh Tech Maids, you’re not just getting a quality cleaning service for your home; you’re also engaging with cleaning technicians. From our commitment to regular COVID-19 testing, high-quality PPE, and the helpful and courteous customer service each customer receives, Fresh Tech Maids stands apart from its competitors.

Once scheduled, you’re assigned a licensed and insured pro to handle your needs. At Fresh Tech Maids, we feel an individual can work more thoroughly and efficiently than a team. Consequently, we hire the best and let their work say the rest.

Trust Fresh Tech Maids to get the job done right for expert cleaning services in and around Chicago.