You may think that your pillow is safe from the dust and germs that are located throughout your house. After all, it’s covered in a pillowcase that gets laundered regularly, right? The truth of the matter is that while your house cleaning service Evanston cleans up many parts of your home, they rarely touch your pillows, which are magnets for germs, bacteria, and other things that can live in your pillow itself – not just on the pillowcase.When you sweat in your sleep, your perspiration does more than simply linger on your pillowcase – it can seep into your pillow as well. This is what makes a pillow just as dirty as the case that’s on it. As disturbing as it sounds, your pillow is kind of like a large sponge, and in order to prevent those germs and bacteria from sticking around, it should be cleaned on a regular basis. If you’re unsure of how to clean your pillow, and are afraid to ask your cleaning lady Evanston, then check out these tips listed here.

Wash your pillows properly every few months.

Depending on the type of filling used in each pillow, you can either place it in the washing machine or will have to vacuum it. Most pillows – that is, those filled with actual down or with a synthetic material – can be laundered in your washing machine. However, check the tag first, just to make sure. When you place your pillows in the washing machine, make sure that they are not stuffed in there with plenty of other things that need to be cleaned. If you can, only wash and dry (most can go in the dryer; again, check the care tag) only two pillows at a time. Any more than that and they won’t really become clean. If your pillows are made of foam, then they can’t go into the washing machine. Instead, sprinkle them with cornstarch and wait for around an hour and half before vacuuming them clean with the hose attachment.

When washing and drying your pillows, make sure that they are cleaned in optimal conditions.

This means that the water is around 140 degrees Fahrenheit. If it is any cooler, then it will not kill any dust mites that may be lurking. They also should be rinsed well, in order to ensure that all of the laundry detergent has been removed. If possible, use an unscented or lightly scented detergent. You don’t want to have to deal with any lingering odors that may cause an allergy attack. You will also need to dry your pillows thoroughly. They may need to be put through the dryer more than once before all of the dampness has been removed. Regardless of the time involved, they should be dried on the “low” setting, since the hottest ones can damage the stuffing.Washing pillows, as well as the rest of your bed linens are not something that is normally done by a House cleaning service Evanston. Most likely, you will need to know how to clean these items yourself. Thankfully, with these tips, you’ll be off to a great start!

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