The dining room is a sacred place where family members come together to share delicious meals. In addition, it serves as the location for forthcoming holiday feasts like Thanksgiving and Christmas.

This is where you dine, so it must always be kept tidy. In addition, if you do other tasks here besides dining, it may get congested and unclean. It's crucial to remember that a clean dining room fosters happy memories worth being shared. 

So, here are some cleaning supplies and a detailed tutorial to help you keep your dining room tidy throughout the year.

Cleaning Tools for Dining Room-

Step 1:  Clean the Table

The primary step encompasses clearing up the dining table and eliminating traces of food, dishes, and other utensils. Following this, soak the dishes and silverware in deionized water for a short duration, followed by a thorough wiping using a microfiber cloth.

Step 2: Wiping Surfaces

To begin cleaning the dining room, use the basic principles of cleaning: (1) clean from top to down to avoid double working because dust falls. Cleaning the top areas first will avoid double work. In addition, (2) clean from left to right to ensure all areas are covered. Clean via a 3-feet wide section by section, top down and left right. First, with a ladder, dust and wipe the ceiling fans and lights to remove any accumulated dust. Then, focus on the furniture and other items that easily collect dust. Start by cleaning the dining table, chairs, and any additional furniture like the kids' table and cupboards. Next, dust any decorative ornaments and trinkets in the room. 

Step 3: Vacuuming the Floor

Next, vacuum the floor properly to keep the dining area sanitary. This removes spills and food crumbs from the dining room floor, giving it a more polished and eye-pleasing appearance.

Step 4: Mopping the Floor

The next step is to mop the floor after vacuuming. By eliminating any remaining dust or stains, mopping concludes the cleaning procedure. It improves the overall look of the dining area and provides the floor a tidy look. Look for dry food stuck on the floor. Kids often drop food on the floor! Soak these dry foods for one minute or two and use a plastic scraper to remove them.

Step 5: Disinfecting

Spray the HOCL disinfectant on the dining table and surrounding surfaces. Wait for 5 min without touching these surfaces for effective disinfecting. HOCL is so safe that we use it for disinfecting vegetables!

Daily Dining Room Cleaning Tasks-

In a house, the dining room is one space where clutter can quickly accumulate. Maintain the cleanliness of your dining space by attending to these swift daily tasks, thereby alleviating the burden of your weekly cleaning routine. 

  • After every meal, tidy up the dishes and quickly wipe down the table.
  • Wipe down and clean the chairs after dinner.
  • Take anything unnecessary out of the dining room that doesn't belong there.
  • Every night after supper, sweep the floor. If there are dry foods on the floor, soak for one minute or two and remove them with a plastic scraper.
  • The dining room's wooden furniture should be dusted. This can be done on weekly basis.

Wrapping Up!

Maintaining the dining room entails several essential tasks. Primary techniques for attaining a pristine dining area encompass vacuuming, mopping, floor sterilization, table purification, and tending to the illumination installations. If earnestly followed, elaborate directives can foster a sanitary and impeccable dining ambiance for both your family and visitors.