Cleaning is a necessary part of ensuring healthy living inside your clean home. However, many of the household chemicals that we use to clean the home contain chemicals that are harmful to both people and unborn children. Sometimes even “green” or “eco-friendly” products are found to contain harmful ingredients. Luckily we at Fresh Tech Maid uses our own specialized brand of deionized water to clean the homes that we work in without any harmful chemical products and often without any cleaning chemicals at all, except water of course.

What To Look For

One of the main things to avoid in household chemicals are those that contain VOC’s (volatile organic compounds). Products that are made with VOC’s can cause minor issues such as headaches or irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, but are also linked with more serious concerns like allergic reactions or chronic respiratory inflammation and asthma. Cleaners that often contain VOC’s include: air sprays and fresheners, detergent, furniture polish, and dishwashing soap.

Another dangerous component of household chemicals in cleaning products is bleach or ammonia. It is so important to read all labels for warnings about use and mixing products. Mixing cleaners that contain bleach and ammonia together will result in a toxic gas that can lead to lifelong breathing problems and even death! Even the fragrances in air fresheners can react negatively with natural elements in the air and create pollutants that exacerbate asthma and lung diseases, as well as increase the risk for strokes and heart attacks.

Studies are also coming out that point to a connection between certain household chemicals and the emergence of birth defects. Recent research by the Virginia-Maryland College of Veterinary Medicine at Virginia Tech and the Edward Via College of Osteopathic Medicine has shown disturbing findings. Though certain household cleaning products have long been known to have harmful effects, these researchers in Blacksburg, VA discovered a new compound that may be dangerous to infant health.

The chemicals that these researchers studied are called “quaternary ammonium compounds,” or “quats” for short. Quats are often found in ordinary household cleaning products such as shampoo, conditioner, laundry detergent, and even eye drops. They are used as preservatives and antimicrobial agents.

During the study, male and female mice and rats were subjected to these chemicals. They were given food containing the chemicals, as well as having their rooms cleaned with “quat” products. The study found that even the rodents exposed to just the cleaning products in their rooms produced embryos with birth defects. These defects included neural tube deficiencies, which take place during the first month of gestation and affect the brain and spinal cord.

Though these results have only been found in rodent subjects, it is still very concerning to us Fresh Tech Maid, house cleaning services Chicago, IL. To be absolutely sure that you and your loved ones are never exposed to dangerous chemicals, always read the labels on your cleaning products and check to make sure they do not contain any of these harmful products.

Fresh Tech Maid, a maid service in Chicago, promises to use our safe and trusted deionized water, without any cleaning chemicals, when cleaning your home to keep you and your family safe and healthy.