One of the most effective cleaners that is used here at Fresh Tech Maid is Deionized Water (DI Water). This is an effective medium duty general cleaner that is excellent for home cleaning. The best part is that it does not use any chemicals. Fresh Tech Maid, a Chicago maid service, has used DI Water as a general cleaner for thousands of homes and the results has been fantastic. We have become the most awarded company in the area! The cleaning is cleaner, safer, and healthier than chemical based green cleaning or conventional cleaning.

So what do we mean by “medium duty general cleaner”?

The 2 Main Types of Cleaning Solutions

General cleaners, which are designed to handle normal surfaces, such as window sills, baseboards and cabinets; and specialty cleaners, which are designed to handle special surfaces, such as toilets, bathtubs and shower walls.

General cleaners are what most people (and our technicians) use the most. They work on many different surfaces and are designed to multi task and clean more than one single surface at a time. For example, you can spray a general cleaner on both the baseboards of your cabinets and on the cabinet doors, and on the window sills and frames. They help you save time and money, as one all purpose cleaner does many different things and is easy to apply. You do not have to keep reaching for a different cleaner for each item or part of the house that needs to be cleaned.

A specialty cleaner is quite different. These are designed to clean special areas at a time. You have separate toilet cleaning solutions and tools, as well as a different one for the bathtub and shower walls. Obviously you would not want the tools that cleaned your toilet to be used on your bathtub, as that can spread harmful germs around. Also, based on the type of germs on each and the method in which both need to be cleaned, you need different tools and solutions. A better example of this is over cleaner. It is built to work only on your oven. It fits the description of “specialty cleaner” to a tee.

These two categories can be broken down further. For example, in each category, there are different strength of general cleaners and specialty cleaners, such as light duty, medium duty, and heavy duty. Each of these types of cleaners works differently to break down the minute particles that lurk on your walls, in your sinks and in your toilets and bathtubs. These additional breakdowns are:

- Light duty: A light duty cleaner is used when the mess is not so bad. It contains compounds to help break down small messes that are easy to clean up, and those that are not quite so hazardous. A home that is cleaned often and does not get to messy can benefit from these types of cleaners.

- Medium duty: This type of cleaner falls in between the two, and is the most commonly used. These medium duty cleaners handle messes that are larger and harder to remove than light cleaners, but are not as hard to clean up as those that require a heavy duty cleaner.

- Heavy duty: These heavy duty cleaners are for stubborn, built in and caked on messes that simply will not budge no matter how hard they are scrubbed. A heavy duty cleaner is designed to not only help the technician remove the stain or smudge, but also to remove any contaminants lurking on it, like e coli and other

So, as a medium duty general cleaner, DI water can clean not only visually, but hygienically. See our video.

So what is DI Water? Well, DI Water is the purest form of water. It does not have any minerals. If you were to use a TDS meter to measure the substance, DI water should have a reading of less than 10, while typical city water measures 150 to 200. The DI water Fresh Tech Maid uses usually has a measurement of zero (0). This means that it is as pure as possible.

Why DI Water is such an effective medium duty general cleaner? This is due to the fact that water is a great solvent. Look at it this way - you can use all of the chemical based cleaning compounds that you want, but they are all made far more effective when water is used to clean them up after they are applied to a surface. That is why cleaning usually involves “washing” or using water to wash away the dirt and other germs. However, when we make and use water that is so pure, this DI water becomes a ”super hungry” solvent, making it more “hungry” to absorb. DI water is very, very effective in absorbing and detaching dirt from surfaces. You do not need any other compounds – just the DI water itself. This sounds strange, as many people are used to using chemicals and other things to clean, and may not believe that water alone can do a great job. However, it does, and this method is far better for you, as it does not involve chemicals that can leave traces behind. As there is no chemical reactions occurred or chemical residual left behind on the surface, DI water based chemical free cleaning is so much cleaner, safer, and healthier than chemical based green cleaning and conventional cleaning.

ISSA, the Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association recommends to use an ATP meter to measure the result of cleaning. This ATP testing shows that DI Water can clean not just visually, but also hygienically, all without needing to use harmful things likes chemical cleaning solvents. Indeed, DI Water based chemical free cleaning is cleaner, safer, and healthier for human, pets, and mother earth. You cannot go wrong when you are using something that is such an integral part of nature to clean your home. Also, check out our article on the top two reasons maid service technicians quit here!

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