Contract workers appear in many different fields throughout the country. They include writers, construction workers, and even Chicago maid service employees.

However, it is important to know the differences between a contract worker and a full employee before you can determine which is better.

Here is a quick breakdown:

A contract worker:

- Files a 1099 tax form. This means that taxes are not taken out of the worker’s paycheck. In most cases, these workers also do not receive any type of employee

-mandated insurance, be it health, life or liability insurance. If a contracted cleaning technician gets hurt or breaks an expensive item while cleaning your home, this lack of insurance means that you, the clients, are on the hook for the medical bills, liability cost, or replacement costs.

- Can set his or her own hours. Flexibility is nice, to a degree. However, contract workers on average work less than full employees, and may work a different amount of hours from week to week. This is not fair to the contract worker, and leaves her with an unstable life and paycheck.

- Does not usually wear a uniform. This alone can make it tricky to tell if that person knocking on your door is really sent out by your Chicago house cleaning service or is just a random stranger looking for easy entry. Believe it or not, this really happens. In addition, if a company hires contract workers, but offer them uniforms, it means that this company may violate labor laws, by reducing cost with hiring contract workers. It might be a very wise idea to stay away from these unethical companies.

- May not be trained and thoroughly vetted. A company that hires contract workers may send out trained technicians who would not be hired as an employee. The company can do so as they are not liable for the contractor’s behavior. On the contrary, the company is fully liable for its employee’s behavior. Hence the higher hiring standard for an employee. As a result, in most cases, the contract workers are not trained and checked thoroughly, so the possibilities of the “unknown” happening are rather large.

A full employee:

- Receives a paycheck with taxes taken out, and has full health and liability insurance. Whether or not a regular employee has life insurance through the company can vary, but the important two are covered. This makes it less costly for the client.

- Has a set number of hours per week. A steady paycheck is a good thing. Those who earn one are apt to be happier, work harder, and have more invested in their jobs. This is particularly true of Chicago maid services who provide their employees with opportunities for advancement.

- Must wear a company uniform. This way you know that the person on your front steps is who they claim to be. A certain level of trust is required, and in some cases, a uniform provides that feeling.

- Has plenty of training on cleaning methods and special techniques. A fully trained Chicago maid service employee knows the ins and outs of house cleaning, and can tackle just about any mess. Plus, if she needs extra advice, the company office is available to give it.As you can see, when it comes to contract workers versus full employees in the cleaning industry, the advantage clearly goes to the employees. The winner in the contract worker option is the cleaning company. A company that hires employees gives everyone a chance to win

– the company itself, the workers, and the clients.

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