How To Tip Cleaners

Do you tip house cleaners? Are you wondering how to tip cleaners? Many different service professionals receive tips. Waiters and waitresses, hair stylists, delivery people and paperboys (or paper girls) are among those on the list. But is it okay to tip your maid service technician? Of course it is!

However, this does not mean that many clients tip. There haven’t been any research studies on the industry, so an official average isn’t available. However, we here at Fresh Tech Maids have kept a few records and tallied them up. Here’s what we found on how to tip cleaners:

- The percentage of clients who tip changes drastically depending on the month.

During the holidays in November and December, the amount of tips went up, while the amount during the rest of the year remained stagnant. This is most likely due to the fact that clients who appreciate their house cleaning services want to express gratitude to their technicians during these months.

- The numbers

Between the months of January and October (i.e. the rest of the year) the percentage of clients who tip ranges from 3% to 10%. During the holiday months (November and December) that amount leaps to between 50% and 70%. Unlike other industries where the percentage amount of tips is fairly standard, tips for technicians range from between 5% and 15%.

Despite these figures, a tip is not usually expected from clients. The amount is not automatically included in the compensation of the technicians, although the technicians can keep any tips that they do receive. Most technicians assume that they will not be tipped for doing their jobs.  Maid Services also ensure technicians get sufficient pay, without any tip.

But, if your technician does an excellent job and you want to show your appreciation to him or her, then by all means, give a tip. It doesn’t have to be 15% or 10% - there is no set standard. Tips are encouraged, but not required, and the amounts are up to the client.