As the holiday season approaches, you may be feeling your stress levels rising! It’s no secret that every holiday comes with it’s own stressful aspects whether it’s the pressure of hosting the perfect Thanksgiving dinner or trying to remember every single person you need to buy a gift for Christmas. No matter how old you are or what holiday it is, you need to figure out how to cope with it!

Stress can have many negative effects on your physical and mental health! Some of these effects can include fatigue, chest pain, upset stomach, sleeping issues, social withdrawal, and over/under-eating. The chances of experiencing these symptoms strongly increases during the holidays when you’re more stressed than normal. This can result in you missing out on plans and events due to stress related illnesses!

Fresh Tech Maid doesn’t just specialize in chemical free cleaning that result in a spotless home, but we also specialize in providing people with less stress and more free time! Because of this, we decided to provide you with these amazing and useful tips on how to cope with holiday stress!

1. Change Your Point Of View

As the holidays approach, you may just be focusing on all of the negative aspects of the season. Yes there is so much planning and work to do, but focusing on the positive rather than the negative can be highly beneficial. Think about all the family you’ll get to see or the memories you’ll be making. Dwelling on the negative can hurt you not only around the holidays, but all throughout life!

2. Get Moving

No you’re not training for a marathon, but being physically active has a huge impact on your mental health. You don’t have to start a whole exercise routine! Whether it’s yoga, nature walks, or even just making it a point to move your body just a little more can do wonders for your mood. When you’re in a better mood you are way more willing to work on the tasks at hand!

3. Make A List

It may seem simple, but making a list is often overlooked when it comes to coping with holiday stress! When you’re feeling overwhelmed, take a break from life and brainstorm everything that you need to do to prepare and make a list. A list can have as much and as little information as you want. Sometimes making a daily lists can be so beneficial, because you will know everything you need to do on certain days as well as balancing the amount of work can help you feel more in control.

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4. Hire A Maid Service

Hiring a maid service can be the number one thing that helps you during the holidays. Not only does it eliminate hours of cleaning work from your schedule, it also provides you with more time to either get things done or take time for yourself! Fresh Tech Maid is one of these maid services that focuses on eliminating stress and giving you more time. We also specialize in chemical free cleaning, so your home is healthier for your family! This is especially beneficial if you have family members who are very young, pregnant, sick, or elderly.

5. Change It Up

Holiday traditions may be important to your family, but not everything has to stay the same! You may be dreading the holidays because you’re trying to hold the same standard every year, so don’t be afraid to mix it up! Instead of one person hosting the entire dinner, make it a potluck! Instead of buying gifts for all of your friends, play a gift exchange game like white elephant or hold a secret santa. Doing this will not only make it easier for you, but it might increase the excitement you and your family have for the holidays!

6. Reach Out

When it comes to any type of stress in this life, never be afraid to reach out! If you’re having trouble doing everything, tell your friends and family and find someone to help. Especially if you’re hosting it all, people should help if they’re planning on attending. If you’re just stressed, then reach out to friends, family, or even a therapist! It may seem too simple, but venting to people can be so beneficial to your mental health.

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7. Make Time For Yourself

This also applies to any stress you may feel all year round. You cannot expect to function perfectly if you are not practicing self care! Whether it’s going out with friends, learning a new dance, or even taking a long bubble bath! Taking steps to destress is vital to being successful in other aspects of life. You’re car can’t run forever without proper maintenance and neither can you!

8. Don't Over-schedule

Know your own limitations! Over-scheduling yourself can lead to tasks not getting done and more. This can tie into making a list or incorporating the list into a tight schedule. If you have to get a turkey Thursday, just look in your schedule and you’ll see you have time to send invitations out Wednesday. Staying organized is key to not being overwhelmed.

9. Manage Social Interactions

Knowing your scheduling limitations is one thing, but knowing your social limitations is just as important. The holidays call for more social interactions than the rest of the year. This means you need to factor in your social clock when filling out your schedule. If you have meetings all day at work one day, don’t schedule your holiday shopping for that day!

Fresh Tech Maid is here for you! The holiday season is all about showing your appreciation for the ones you love, so give them the gift of time this year! Check out our amazing gift card program by clicking the button below!

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