It’s exciting to move into a new home. The change of space, environment, and neighborhood turns it into a ton of experience. However, truth be told, the excitement dies down almost immediately if the home is not ready and if the space is dirty.

Perhaps, you are still waiting for the key to your home, or you’ve got the keys to your home, but encountering construction or remodeling dust or debris all over the place. To make it worse, the air isn’t fresh, chaff is everywhere, and you risk getting infections from previous occupants. It’s quite disappointing, right?

That said, you want to ensure your new house is sparkling clean and fully disinfected to feel safe and assured. It’s not going to be your regular type of cleaning, but something very thorough with a professional touch.

Here are 5 key steps to help you achieve aperfect move in cleaning.


1.    Inspect the Condition of the New House

For efficient cleaning, list down all key cleaning areas so none is left out. Whether you’re working with a Chicago move in house cleaning service or prefer to do it yourself, it’s essential to review the house and list all the especially dirty areas.

Is there construction dust in some hidden places? An extensive leftover of garbage? Note them down. It’s going to require some extra work to clean them out, especially construction dust since the dust always seeps into the ventilation systems and blown out to the entire home to create resettlement of dust.


2.    Plan the Move In Cleaning

Ready with a cleaning priority list? Now it’s time to plan for the cleaning work. If you’ve set a date when you want to move to the new home, it’ll guide you in determining the timeline for the cleaning completion.

Move in cleaning often requires deep cleaning and thorough disinfecting. There are a lot of work! To reduce the already high stress level during moving, we recommend you hire a professional Chicago maid service.

Going the pro way? Get in touch with any Chicago house cleaning service and let them know of this timeline.

Otherwise, if you’re going the DIY way, plan it accordingly based on your schedule.


3.    Get in Touch with a Professional Move in Cleaning Service in Chicago

It’s highly recommended to work with a professional move in cleaning service for the best cleaning results and the reduction of moving stress. Now, connect with your service provider (you can check move in cleaning Chicago cost to estimate how much you’ll spend) and tell them a bit of what they expect in your new home.  

Let them know the condition of the house, whether there’s some construction dust that requires thorough vacuuming, the level of garbage or waste, whether it is a new home or people have lived here before, etc.

Additionally, don’t hesitate to mention areas of priority if, for instance, you’d like deep cleaning for certain rooms.Lastly, give them the timeline. It’s a great idea to give the biggest possible window for cleaning for easy scheduling.


4.    Pre-Cleaning Preparations

A few things need to be done before the D-day for a smooth and successful move in cleaning. Three days before the cleaning, contact stakeholders to confirm that none of the construction or purchase closing deadlines create unexpected delays. Do this again a day before just to ensure everything goes as expected.

On the day of the cleaning, meet the cleaning professionals and go through the entire home and the listed areas that require special cleaning. Walk through the home with them to highlight these spots. Most Chicago move in cleaning service providers will mandate such an important walk through before cleaning.


5.    Review Room by Room

Don’t wait until the cleaning is done to inspect the house.

Once the professional cleaners finish working on a room, check it and give them feedback in real-time, if possible.In that way, they can customize the cleaning and meet your expectations.

Immediately after the job is done, walkthrough the entire house with the cleaners for a final review to check all the boxes.

Finally, after the cleaning, provide feedback via surveys or follow-up to share your experience with the cleaning provider.

With those tips, you’re ready for a successful move in cleaning. Get in touch with the best Chicago move in cleaning service, like Fresh Tech Maid, to have your new house professionally cleaned.

Move into your new wonderful sanctuary with the confidence that your new home is clean, safe, and ready for your exciting new beginning!